What is a Grandson  

What are we training our children to be and why are we so far from the desired results? Family values, the village??? Where is the example to be followed?

We all would like to feel our grandchildren are something special, but if Black folk ain't shit, but if women ain't shit, but if our children don't respect us... what exactly is all of that saying about our priorities?

Does he or she have any responsibilities, what are they and why? What's the "action word" and the actions?

HOw long should grandchildren reside with grandparents, in a normal situation? My parents said, "too many adults cause problems living in the same house. So what's keeping your adult grandchild living with you? While you have a crutch, what is that doing for his life?

What's so special about our grandchildren, any more than anyone else's? Were your grandparents instrumental in your growing up? Does that make you any different from the rest of us?

I’m the grandson, so what does that mean to me and everybody else? Some grandparents raise their grandchildren to think their better than the rest of us. Which means they have misconstrued the notion of “be the best at whatever you do” to “your are better than everyone else”.

Are you teaching cronyism and corruption or are you teaching truths?

What are the duties of a “grandson”? When a grandson calls upon his or hers grandparents, what 's supposed to happen? What do grandparents owe their grand children? Is that why a good man is so hard to find? 

Today, as we look at our youth this picture becomes very clear. What do the grandparents owe grand children is the same as what grand children owe grandparents, none of which is happening, because if you ain’t careful, the children will put the raising of the grandchildren on their parents. So, how many sets of children should you raise? Does that mean you half raised the first one?

Therefore, if a child has not managed to be interdependent, then they will expect their parents to raise their children. But as our society has it, the advancement of technology surpasses the grandparents ability to fully participate in the raising of our grandchildren. So, if you don’t have money, what else can you contribute?

But as the divine order of things has it, the grandchildren are literally born in a position to help their grandparents and should be awarded accordingly.

How can you have a village when nobody agrees? We all are somebody’s grand children, the offspring, the son of a child… So rather than putting so much emphasis on a title, to ride somebody else’s coat tail, why not just be the best human being you can be, being yourself?

When does a child becomes a man and what should he do? Being fruitful and multiplying, instead of doing the same ole stupid shit. I was taught to respect my elders, it's just getting harder and harder to find them.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!