Who's Supporting Who?

What does your enemy have? Do they actually have it or do you just think they do...

Do you see them with all and you with nothing? Open and Honest, what happens when your personal freedoms and liberties are taken away? How can anyone, someone who has never experienced this explain this?

Will being open and honest get you anything or anywhere today? What about faith we "would" succeed if we lived and worked according to God's word? Do you realize how many innocent niggers have been killed listening to God's word? What about Christian Principles, Do you remember the God's word people burning our churches, homes, schools, terrorizing...denying us every right and privilege do any human being? Remember the us and them? Why was it and is it still 

They are only going to support those who are fulfilling their agenda. Why should they support otherwise, why should they support those who are doing what they say you’re supposed to--- being open and honest?

What good does it do to be open and honest, is the truth profitable? We have a whole lot of niggers around here making good money, but for what? Is the truth profitable? Does a resume describe your true potential or is it who you want to be, in order to be who they want you to be? What happened before resumes and why has it changed? If the truth were told, would the resume be for the job or the money? Then, why don’t you work for your own gratification? How can another man pay you more than you perceive your own self worth or are you just settling for all you can get now?

When you look at things over the long term, what do you see? Do you see more folk being paid to do what they’re called to do or do you see more folk getting paid to because “it’s their job”? When I look at the so called professionals we’re producing today, it comes very clear to me how far we’re off track. The advertisement is it what they can truly do or is it a marketing strategy, just like a resume. Do immigrants fill out resumes to own businesses in America? Is that why they’re so successful at doing what you want to do? Do we work jobs so we can work more jobs and self gratification or do we work jobs to benefit the whole?

Was it God who gave us our rights to establish our constitution, then why has it taken so long for minorities to be treated like human beings?

Were you hired to be truthful or were you hired to shut the hell up and to do their dirty jobs? Why do we lie about how great it is to get up early to work an eight to five when we really want to work for ourselves? Is there a great difference or is it all the same? We wouldn’t even get out of bed if it were not for what we think our enemy has?

Are we really operating in accordance with God's law and do we really put people above money?

Those who cast votes decide nothing, but those who count votes decide everything, does that make sense of the abundance of nonsense happening these days? Power is not what you have but what you think your enemy has.

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Why listen to a Dead Man?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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