Why America is so Racist,especially against Blacks?

Super racist Red Cross apology, but can you read? Respect for them cause us to disrespect ourselves but what about the other way around?

The rules are for who? It would be much less frustrating if we went back to the days of Blacks being denied to enter  the same pool as Whites because we ain't learned shit. Why be subject to so much abuse and inhumane treatment? How could one human being be so cruel to another human being and call himself a human being? Is this how humans treat humans? Is it because there's nothing you can do? What does that tell you?

With all the blatant racism directed against Blacks in America, many Americans would like to believe racism in America has gotten better, improved. But how can strained relationships improve when "we" do not work on them.

Instead of working on race relations, recognizing race problems and happily resolving them, Americans are pitted against each other, use lawsuits and create bogus laws to enforce, what every person should be required to do on their own. The results of which are "it just went underground". And because isolated incidents are well rewarded, blacks would rather take chance at winning a lawsuit, marching, boycotting than they would at treating themselves different and being treated with deserved dignity and respect.

If Black Americans do not police themselves, then how can they expect to be treated otherwise. Laws in America are specifically designed to keep would-be victims hoping for a reward.

Take some of these countries where America has military presence. Here, Americans are demanding and helping to bring about change, even it only last as long as the threat is present. Well, it is the same in America and we live here.

We say we want peaceful relationships, but our every action is otherwise and it is not in mainstream America like we would like you to believe, but more prevalent in Wall Street America, amongst the very elite. Racism exist in America because "Americans want it". Racism against Black Americans is cleverly disguised in materialism, all we do and Black Americans know this. Even though Blacks know these wicked ways, because Whites control all the strings, Blacks go alone to get along and admonish Blacks who refuse - Black on Black crime.

In America, it is all but legally forbidden to openly speak out about blatant racism out of fear of offending. And every time Blacks have made an honest attempt to separate themselves, our efforts are deemed a threat and dissolved. Can you imagine being at the mercy of the very people who enslaved you and now you must depend on them to protect you? Well, this is what is going on in America. We get involved with other countries to ignore our own.

On the outside, all looks well, blacks and whites mixing, working, playing, but we all know the line between material possessions and spiritual values (the most segregated times in America). It is the same lines which exist in my community today, so how can this be view as progress? No matter what you do to be a law abiding citizen, white America still denies you as a people. Just ask some of our celebrities? Any other foreigner can come into this country with a better chance at living the American dream than all the blacks born and work here. The crazy part about this all is Black Americans embrace this wicked treatment, knowing we cannot do anything 'without first greasing their pockets". We refuse to believe we are intimidated into conforming to systems created directly against us and we make ourselves believe this is happening. Though there is lack of progress, "this is the best we can do" rules over demanding human rights.

Because we have failed to offer programs to help and heal, there are no examples of progress except intimidation tactics. So we have all these security systems, which are racist themselves, to protect perpetrators and police victims. 

If we really wanted to abolish racism in America we would do it, but racism is too profitable. If they respected us then they would be compelled to hate themselves. So, they would rather respect themselves for pulling off wicked ways.

Racist Red Cross is not just the Red Cross but the Red Cross is just one indication of all the improvement, "not made".

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Racism in America

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!