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Why is it so important to learn the true meaning of "being together" and practicing it? How do you build an independent country with the people being divided?

Like building a divided family, just ain't going to work. Either we're one family or not. Most of us think we do not need each other, but that just means they do not understand the bigger picture and we have all kind of excuses to ditch or pitch one people against another. So, to what end does our time and money go?

How do we get FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, TRANSPORTATION, HEATH CARE...? Is it by your JOB or is it by a whole bunch of people getting all this stuff in the right place at the same time? Though we're separate entities, timing and place brings us all together.

What if all your different body parts didn't work together? What about your car? Is that an indication of what is happening to us today?

We didn't come here alone and we cannot reside here along. In order for us to better work and work together it is most important we understand and respect the differences in all of us, allowing us to enjoy together. Most of us are too busy trying to become something we aren't and/or don't really understand, therefore we spend more time minding the business of others more than our own and being yourself is really more than a full time job .

The name United States implies much, little of which we put into actual practice and most of which we deny, but there's a damn good reason for this name.

Togetherness. I believe people in the United States have been living so long with this superiority/inferiority complex they need our positive thoughts as much as our donations of time and money. How can one US citizen be greater or less than another US citizens when we agreed to the same to become a citizen? Citizens are what our country makes you, if you were born there. People teach you how to be who you are.

(((your inner

When "Everything" Comes Together - Your Inner Voice

Growing Together - Your Inner Voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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