Why is it so hard to help Americans

There are signs and building everywhere, but enter with caution. Even churches are preying on their people.

Why is it so hard to help Americans?

Have you ever tried getting good help in America? What have we accomplished? Who’s asking for help and who is willing to help?

I ask myself this question because I stand in need of help, not for just one day, one year, one thing; but all the time, for everything, but as I look around, I feel lonely and can only guess every other American is receiving the much needed help they need but I know they are not. If you look at the 2016 Presidential elections, Americans are siding with the candidate they think will do most for America, but this notion comes with a twist. They are also looking for the best candidate, but best also comes with a twist. Americans are really looking for the candidate who will do the most for them. Now, who is “them”?

“Them” are the wealthiest Americans, they are the ones to whom Presidential candidates seek their support and “them” uses the money power to influence and solicit the support of the candidate of choice. So, where does your vote come in?

I hate to say it, especially in light of all these organizations with the purpose of waving the duty, honor, country responsibility to register, go to the polls and vote. There is a lot of pressure on Americans, who would not normally take away from their time and vote. The biggest reason for these Americans “not voting” is because they know their vote does not count. Just as they know their best interest is not considered.

The justification for all this neglect is the class system. Presidents consider middle class Americans as their target audience and define middle class America as those Americans earning more than $250,000 a year. Is the average American earning this kind of income and is the majority of Americans earning this? Is it even possible for the average American to earn this kind of money? Personally, I know no American in this category and I do not know a middle class American who has the time to help another fellow American. All their help is done through charitable organizations and often in exchange for a tax deduction.

Charitable organizations are established to help those in need, but their help, so how, never manages to filter down to those Americans most in need. Now, our government knows middle and upper class Americans cannot be trusted, why does not our government trust lower class Americans enough to distribute large sums of monies to help upper and middle class Americans with their needs? Why are large sums of money handed over to the wealthiest Americans to address the needs of the poorest Americans and is it working?

Your vote does not matter at all. Our government wants you to believe it does, even though we all know it does not.

Why does not Black America address this truth? Black Americans do recognize this truth, but the waters are muddied because the wealthiest Black Americans receive favors to pressure the poorest Americans to believe in America’s voting process. Yes, Black Americans are paid and/or receive recognition for pressuring their less fortunate Brothers to participate in the voting process and the empty promise behind these sophisticated pressure tactics is “we can make a difference”. Well, if we could make a difference, after all these years of voting, why has not that difference been made? And why should it take a voting process to coerce Americans into doing what they already know they should be doing?

If we are all one America, why do we have all these different parties? Why do we deny American citizens because of race? Must we vote for human rights? Why do we have same-sex but not same-race? After all this time, why should anyone have to make a special effort to encourage you to go vote? Why are you considered “neglecting your civic responsibility”, if you do not want to participate in the voting process? Why do we ridicule you by telling you who fought and died for you to have this right? If leaders are misleading and you vote for a misleading leader, just to make another very misinformed and misguided American happy, what have we accomplished? Then, there are those who go along to get along. 

Americans have accomplished much, but to what good? What good is all the technology when we use it in an evil manner? Good help is a thing of the past in America.

Good help makes it easier for (someone) to do something by offering one's services or resources, today in America, help of any nature comes at an astronomical cost. Democracy in America is more like, always has been and until we change...."it's who can fool who". The illusion of inclusion

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!