Why do people dominate other people?


Why do people dominate other people? We’re born to be dominated and it all starts with our parents keep us safe. But somewhere between birth and being adults, our ability to dominate, may overwhelm our ability to live and let live, hence developing control issues.

The ability to resist depends upon your understanding of what's really causing you to submit. How does a master get a slave?

Why do people allow themselves to be dominated? Our society sees value in, especially in a man's, ability to dominate. People allow themselves to be dominated to get what they “think” they want. They feel the more dominant person creates what the lesser dominant person refuses to create for themselves.

Many feel they are cleverer for adopting this strategy. But how could the more dominate be considered the more dominate by subscribing to this strategy? Why would the more dominate person allow you to get what you want, without first getting what they wanted?

It ain’t what you do as much as it how. Power and control issues, the problems start when you and/or your victim are too intimidated to to tell. You know, without good cause, you're taking advantage of a fellow human being and they know they are not enjoying the experience, but you think you can get away with it and they're feeling too intimidated to tell or resist.

How is when an older person takes advantage of a younger person or just the reverse or a strong person takes advantage of a weaker person...? What about rape, robbery, betrayal, bullying …? How does doing it to others  because it was done to you help solve the problem?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!