I Wish It Could Be Different

Why exclude self?

What are we building here?

Are we driving ourselves crazy? I can’t stand the sight of you with him? How do we achieve universal love and how do we measure love?

I wish things in my life could be different. There is something I need to say or it will just drive me crazy. But Life Goes On And So Will I. That’s it, that’s the problem, life is just going on but nothing is happening.

You are the mythical creature for which I yearn. In all I do I think of you. You are the reason.­­­ I dwelled upon my feelings and out of fear I repressed them.

I often think the world would be happier place without me. However there is something very wrong with the way I have handled my feelings, no matter how I try to put them aside, I keep thinking of the happiness you bring in to my life, but the distance between us tells me it’s not enough.

From the second I saw you I knew I needed to have you closer to me. I strongly believe it is our destiny to know one another. Intimidated by my feelings and your beauty I’ve allowed the opportunity to pass.

How many times have we said that as time passed on, on what could have been the best moments in our lives?

Education and religion, the world has pretty much put us in a box separating us from the most affectionate moments and in being a good friend, there are just too many things we’re not supposed to do to achieve the best times on earth.

Is that why we need things like alcohol, when the thing I want the most in life is to share my love with you? Why is happiness in such a tiny box?

So, where does the you stop? Why does love hurt? Why is my current situation holding me back from my future situations? While we have so much in common, why don’t you even consider me, when I would do everything in my power to help you? Do I need to do what no other has? Then, I ask you why can’t we “all” spend more time together?

Do you believe in love and loving all? That is the only way love can exist, so stop wishing and start working. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!