Women Choose To Be Second Class Citizens

How does Rap Music prove this? Power of the Booty!!! Will you fight for your man? Will I tolerate the inhumane treatment of others to please my man so I can get what I want?

Women have a serious EGO problem. They are completely overwhelmed with what they can achieve by playing the subservient role. Women possess the innate ability to get what they want without doing the physical labor.

So, by playing the subservient role to anyone who can give them what they want keeps women in the second class citizen category.

These subservient acts of women cause men to feel empowered to do what they would not normally do, with the primary reason being to please their woman. They say, “behind every good man is a good woman”, but is this true? What's happening to our good hearted Christian men and what happening to our definition of LOVE?

This is true but one of the oldest tricks in the book, doing something right for "all" the wrong reasons. Then, what role did women play in atrocities committed against Native Americans and African Americans? Why didn’t they see it a priority to demand their own rights or to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect? Do you realize how many lives have been lost just because they were falsely accused by women? Why are men trained to place women upon pedestals as a show of admiration and respect? Women are attracted to men with power and/or money, instead of good character. What’s the difference in that and Rap music? It is in these power and money roles men are allowed to gain control and ownership, hence feeling the need to protect his woman against any threat, real or made up. It is through this subservient power of women, men excuse women from strenuous labor. It is through this subservient power that keeps women in the role of second class citizen. This whole phony ass exchange is called “Power of the Booty” and women are masters at this.

Women say they love all kinds of music except Rap, so what are they really saying about themselves? What people are the primary producers of Rap music? What people are the primary producers of Country music? Women who openly denounce Rap music openly denounce themselves. They are implying “no matter how important the message in the music, they refuse to hear it because they think it’s about them – vain/ego. Why would you hate any music because you do not understand it, not willing to listen? How can you ever understand something so important as the message in the music if you’re not willing to listen; yet demand to be listened to, no matter how insignificant and selfish your desires?

Music is an international language that transcends all language barriers and these women are saying they are not willing to listen to the important message of Rap music producers, yet they feel only the music of which they approve is fit for listening. Do you disapprove all Rap music because of some Rap music? Why do women want to be equal when they go to bed with unequal, turning a blind eye to crimes their men commit?

What does it cost to listen and even more important, why openly denounce any kind of music just because you don’t like it? Do opera or the sound of a baby crying and do you denounce it because you don’t like the way it sounds? Women are constantly pitting one man against another to satisfy their giant egos.

The main point behind all of this is, women are serious hypocrites and racist, even more so than the men they blame for being feminist. Since the beginning of America men have made women feel like they’re NUMBER 1 just to be able to treat them less than human. For the same period women have allowed men to treat them less than human in order to get whatever it is they wanted.

How far will you go to please your man, are we here for pleasing each other or is that suppose to be a natural process? Aren’t we here to help, to help them make better decisions to betterment of the whole, rather than “pleasing your man”? Must you date and marry God to be obedient? Must we put a ring on our finger to demonstrate our commitment to God? Now, we have so many definitions of love we don’t even know who God is.

 The only person who can make you happy is U and U must not openly display anything in order to serve. Until this change women will always be treated as second class citizens to get what they want, even sex.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!