Write to Eat


You have got the write to eat, for life is a lesson! What good is it to be able to read, but never writing?

Reading and writing are some of the first skills we learn to master. There are the real life version and the academic version. Either way, the better you learn them, the better off you will be in life, for they are the most important aspects of the learning process.

The real life version of reading and writing and it is your life line and first priority. It is hard to get with the right people to teach you this good information for various reasons. It is like the mountain, everybody wants to be on top but nobody wants to climb. But believe me, there is no way around failing to master real life lessons.They had a way of passing things on, one being word of mouth. But as you know, word of mouth is hard to track.

So we have implemented the academic version. Here is the more commercial aspect of learning. You pay for it, but you are on your own on how to apply it in the real life version. There can be some serious conflicts. You can overlook common sense, hence, the term "educated fool".

You also have got the right to eat, but failing to read and write seriously jeopardizes your right to eat, in any society.

As we live our lives, we leave behind our tracks, what kind of tracks are you making? Learn to read and write.

Why Art writes?

(((your inner voice)))

Good bye saying it?

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