Why does Art write?

When things are going well, you are the cream of the crop, but when they fall a part, people become angry, and without one stone being thrown, words can start to fly. I am posting this just so you can know.

Real life experiences are the best teachers.

Why does a cage bird sing?

This has been said to me: You think you are know everything. You judge and put yourself above everyone you see. You think you are so great but you ain't shit. Just another disillusioned, unemployed black man, blaming everyone else for his problems. Even thinking there is a plot against you. Seriously, do you think anyone really cares?

When I read what you write here and on your website -- I see the biggest hypocrite ever. When you describe yourself in 'Harmony', it's nauseating. Your writing is your opinion, an opinion is like your ass, everyone has one and it usually stinks.

That is powerful, but never mind that, but those of you who may think this to be the case, here is my response: That road is a two-way street. Think about your work. Can you find the pieces without the puzzle?

Are you willing to see, know, acknowledge and accept the truth of your being? Vision begins with the willingness and reality of what you see in the Mirror. How do you honor that?

Somebody asked me about lower class and ghetto?

I do not write because I have all the answers, I write because I have something on my mind. Not to better remember yesterday or understand tomorrow, but so I can better understand myself and all around me today. I still ain't where I am going.

Write to eat?

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A broken spirit?

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