Is YIV a Cult

What do they say?

YIV, Is this a Cult? Is it a cult, am I trying to establish a cult?

I was talking to two of my most respected White friends, when they told me what I was doing was establishing a Cult? I graciously accepted that and then denied it? And during the rest of our conversations I asked the below listed questions.

Was Roots a cult? Why is it that any time Black People do anything good together White people get scared and start labeling it? Do White People feel threatened by Black people, especially Black Males who want to make something great  of themselves? Why does everything Black people do have to be approved by white people, when nothing whites do has to be approved by Black People?

Why is it every time Black Americans get together to do anything for the good of the whole, especially for Black Americans, White Americans term it negative and/or perceive it as a Cult? It all starts with White professionals, educators, politicians and law enforcement...?

 Americans Why do they never give us credit for doing anything worthwhile?

I, Arthur Ross Thomas would never associate myself with a cult unless it was trying to help me escape the barriers of racism or Slavery. There’s nothing mystical, abnormal or bizarre about this, people, especially Black people coming together to help one another. Though it is not our typical action, it is our natural instinct. That is why Black People make excellent slaves. 

Is it  bad to have a commune? From where comes the word community? Is a commune better than a ghetto? In a commune people are living together, sharing common interest, property, possessions, resources, work and income, so that everyone benefits.  Isn't that what whites do best? To where do we move from our communities? Is that a good thing or bad thing?Are you too scared or too selfish? Are you so independent or they just want you dependent upon them?

Do Black Americans embrace the idea or reject the idea of community? Why keep allowing them to cause us to destroy our own communities? 

 I don't want to start any negative shit, I just want to be well rewarded for telling the truth and advising people to listen to themselves. It's pretty hard to do when you owe "the wrong people".

(((your inner


Whit folk feeling threatened by Black folk

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!