You are how you allow people to treat you

Defending yourself, Making A Living… How do you get "birds of a feather" out of this? You don't like me and I don't like you, now what?

You can’t do nothing about how other people act then why is there such a thing called “defend yourself”? What does self-defense mean to "my life"?

If I had my priorities in order then you know against whom I would be defending myself.

Defending you means being accountable to you. Defending yourself has nothing to do with fighting someone else’s battle. But you must watch that because working to earn somebody else’s money is just as detrimental. We used the job title to excuse a lot of ignorant bullshit, even to the point of neglecting our families. We've made the dollar our primary means of “making a living” and the shit goes on. Anymore, you can’t tell where one lie starts and another stop.

We've gone from not working certain days in the week to a twenty-four hour, seven days a week work life, filled with nothing but more and more erroneous bullshit. Gas prices, politics, corporate greed, racism, black on black, predatory, corruption... are just a few to let you know how far off track we've gone. It’s amazing how we've given ourselves so much credit for making the world a better place, when you can’t even trust your closest neighbor. You don’t even want to live in the same neighborhood as your fellow citizens. The thing about this all is, we see this as getting better and we call it "progress". We want to help the poor but we complain like hell about our own social programs. We want to give aid to other countries having no control over how they use it, but punish our fellow Americans for purchasing a non perishable item with food stamps. Now, if we aren't what we used to call “Indian Givers” then I do not know what is.

All the shit we put Black Men through, we shutter at the thought of him buying a drink of whiskey with his food stamps. It’s amazing how self-righteous we become at just at this thought but not a problem with a corporate businessman tearing down an old building just to build a new one that won’t last. It’s amazing how we'v gone along with scorching the earth but don’t want to see a food stamp recipient purchase alcohol. How hypocritical. Amazing how we take our prejudices asses to church and come out more prejudice than before going in. To school but come out more dumb than if we never went. To work but come out more jobless, less productive, less quality and higher prices. Does any of this shit make sense to you? Then why do we keep saying: “We’re making fucking sense, progress”? Don’t forget while we’re going through this economic and social crisis the Yacht Club, Gold Tournaments are having a field day.

How is killing people being accountable? How is this making a living? Why do we want to feed ourselves bullshit all because we don’t better manage our time, priorities and you want to tell somebody else how to live? Every resource available to us, we’ve done nothing but exploit, including life giving water. Should we be paying for lesser quality water? Should the cost of a lesser quality water continue to rise, well, if it does what does that say for our future? “Do you call that looking brighter”?

How can you expect anyone to defend your nation while you're busy destroying theirs? How can you expect anyone to treat you with dignity and respect when you're busy destroying theirs?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!