Young Men Are Very Protective of Their Mothers Why

Men fear this situation and are abusive, many scared for life and even death?

Over protective and under protective, it really doesn't matter.

Men fear this situation, feel threatened and become abusive now, whose problem is that? You hear all kind of excuses: it's going to take time, he's been the only one, he's a young man, he's been the head of this house...

Ask yourself this question: No matter the gender, would you protect anyone from anything good? Would you protect yourself from anything good and wholesome, would you expect anyone else to protect you from anything good and wholesome?

Why would a young man want to protect his mom from anything good and wholesome? How does this mentality help either better determine what is good and evil?

Relationship problems, why defend anyone from doing what they want? Innocent lives are destroyed because we don't listen to our own common sense. How can you respect anyone who does nothing and/or creates chaos and confusion? How do you disrespect anyone who brings order, peace and prosperity?

REspect is a two-way street, no matter the relationship. Learn this! You can't compromise this law because he's  your grandson or he's your new man.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!