Your Generosity

Things of the past come to present.

How often do you get to experience  the sincere generosity of others, especially that of someone you really admire and respect? I can think of a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t be helped but am humbled by grace and mercy, especially during these most trying times and all the stupid shit we’ve done to get here?

Then there’s all the stress and strain of thinking you’ve arrived, you’re on it, but just not right now. The drudgery of thinking “you’re all alone in your struggles” no matter how good you think you are? There’s no rest for the weary scenario?

How often is your generosity taken for weakness, especially during some of your most vulnerable times? This happens so often we shy away from good deeds.

We live in a very cruel world, one where your own is more apt to shoot you in the back than the enemy you don’t even know. Is it true more black men die by the hands of their own people than do from the hands of any enemy? And just when you couldn’t handle it anymore!

Today, a very encouraging and inspiring incident, within a long time, happened to me during one of my most vulnerable moments. They don’t come or I fail to recognize someone is helping me, “out of the kindness of their own heart. Your thoughts really count.

So I want to say, “Thank you so much for your generosity. I  look around and I see my efforts but always seem like the other guy is playing my part, collecting my money, getting my accolades, but today was another sign, another confirmation I am where I am supposed to be. Thank you for the “know you’re not alone in this struggle for survival”. Stop trying to handle things and just let nature take it’s course, be prepared.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!