A small town mentality in a big town reality

I wish someone one would prove me wrong! Take, me, me, me, I, I, I, Americans are on the take. We don't give a damn who, what, when nor why,,, but it has to be the way we approve. Now, what took me so long to figure this out?

A mechanic shop in the town of Johnston, South Carolina actually reminded me to “slow down” due to “a small town mentality”. It shocked me that a person from a small town would describe themselves with a small town mentality. Now, I am wondering exactly what was she implying and she was White American?

I have lived in both and all I’ve ever seen in a small town is them trying to grow, which is the same mentality in any large town, so am still confused about what exactly is a small town mentality. I am from a small town but do not see myself nor my small town with a small town mentality. The mentality here is present yourself in such a way as to attract growth. We wanted a shopping center, a mall, a McDonald's, a Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot....Cookie Cutter...we got all that stuff and they are all corporate businesses, so where is the small town mentality.. 

A mentality has nothing to do with a place, but with a people and though we may do things a bit different, it is still the same old thing. We work, play, sleep, socialize... and want to provide the best service or product possible, so what’s the difference? People in New York are poor just like people in Georgia.

The only difference I see is the control factor, meaning leaders in a small town have more of a direct influence on citizens than larger cities, but direct or indirect, the mistreatment is the same, which really is no different from a larger city because the more urban the more mistreatment. Now, if you went to a city where nobody knows you, then you may be able to reposition yourself in the abuse going on there.

Domestic violence and abuse is a systemic problem throughout America, which reveals itself more in small towns, but at a higher level of acceptance in larger towns. During the great migration of Blacks from the South to the North, those fleeing poverty in the South were like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, to poverty in the North. The proof is in today. Are people in large towns any better or are they worse? How are Blacks in the North better than the Blacks in the South and vice-versa; and how are small town people better or worse than large town people? Why has the poverty level of Blacks in America declined? Though we earn more, costs are considerably higher.

Abuse hidden under the guise of a small town is the same abuse hidden under the guise of a large city. If the mentality of a larger town is better than the mentality of a smaller town, then we have a problem, especially under the belief of being united.

The New America seems to be divided by lines that pit its own citizens against each other, instead of lines which unite all its people. The thing is “Americans do not want to be united” but believe what we are doing is united. We do want to produce our own or be self-sustaining. We simply prefer someone else to do and we take the credit. Americans just want to be wealthy, at the cost of destroying each other. What is there to gain in deceiving yourself? Where is the vibrant community contributing to the future of our nation's health and food security?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!