the adult who could make nothing work

What's going on with these titles these days?

What's wrong with picking up your own trash and taking it to the dumpster? We should stopped passing trash around, creating unnecessary work, paying somebody for what we are responsible. WE should take our own trash to the dump site, that's it... just like it used to be?

Any more, it is all but forbidden to take trash to the dump. We call it recycling, while the trash continues to pile up. What kind of better program is that? It cost more while the problem only gets bigger???

Boy, so many of us think we really have it going on. So, I decided to share with you, this little problem I'm having, to see what you think.

The adult who could make nothing work, not a business, not even an attempt on his own life and in this case, any attempts to make his life better, only made things worse.

Why would anyone who has it as good as we say we are, want to do better? How much better does it get? Are you worse than me?

Ever think like that? Does it seem like people who live right get shit on and people with money get away with murder? In our society, I wonder if the people we call criminals behind bars are less guilty than the innocent people running free?

When you really think about how we treat each other, you would really have to consider if those of us who are free is more corrupt than those behind bars - Nelson Mandela?

The harder you work, the worse it gets? The more you do the less you earn? The more honest, the more you get in trouble? The more you give, the more you're expected to give, that's a good article in it self isn't it?

The hardest job in our society is "picking up trash" and we want to pay someone else to do that? Most Americans have not a clue what to do with trash if the garbage man stopped running. How can you give, when you ain't got shit and the shit you got just keep getting worse? If you don't have time, then my friend, "you ain't got shit".

Most people are in the "taking business" these days and you get what's left? Forget that glass half empty and full thing,,, today,,, it's winner take all or nothing.

We pay people to do our jobs so we have more time to do the things we want??? Then, how do you earn the money? Is this why our jobs went away? Is this why we're so overwhelmed with immigrant workers? Do we have so many extra jobs, we can share with all? Does any of this mean we fail to take responsibility and our priorities are totally screwed up or is this what we want?

Back to that cat who could make nothing work, church, school.... Everything failed, he couldn't be satisfied, nobody understood or wanted to be around him, everyone seemed to betray him, lost job, friends, family members...

As short and precious as it is, his life was quickly unraveling, he became increasingly desperate, and the gap between the life he wanted and the life he had was getting wider, instead of closing. He was at the end.

What should I do? If you mention "go back to school" or "start attending church", you are going to burn in hell.

Is life what our Bible said, Is life what our school said, are we anywhere close to what they say we ought to be, then why keep teaching and learning bullshit? Is this me, is this you, is this everybody?

Our worse people are those disguised by their self proclaimed titles, which has nothing to do with being a good human being, first and far most. I will see you tomorrow on the express way, in the parking lot, grocery store...

Are our driving habits any indication of our living habits? Is it really necessary for our police to patrol they way they do? What are you going to do?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!