Armed guards to stand watch so teachers can teach American students in schools???

Talk about screwing up a childhood and any chances for a brighter future, all at the same time??? Minors, schools, guns, gold, God!

We call it providing safety for everyone concerned, but what are we really saying: Our schools have grown to be unsafe??? What will this generation do in return for us allowing schools to become killing fields, soft targets?

Why don't we just arm "all" citizens and problem solved, if being armed will help stop school shootings, then all citizens being armed will certainly help stop all other shootings!!! If our schools are not safe, then where is and whose responsibility is it to keep them safe? Where did they fail?

What happens when a protractor, pair of scissors... are mistaken for a deadly weapon, what happens when a student, believed to be armed, flees from armed it shoot first, are all other students taught to duck and go back to class, are our schools  combat zones and we're trying to take them back?

Can the people who neglected their responsibilities be trusted to regain control through the use of deadly force, then why didn't you give slaves weapons to bring about safety in our society? It wasn't the unarmed slave who had the problem, but the armed decision makers. It is only logical a slave would steal a weapon to help break free of atrocities being committed against him, but this wasn't logical to our society, who levied an even worse punishment on a man trying to escape slavery and human trafficking.

The truth is: Do you think we can make our schools safer by patrolling them with armed guards? Do you think this will discourage and stop school shootings? So what happens when there's a shoot-out between armed school officials and a sixteen year old? SHOOT BEFORE BEING SHOT! Why are kids deciding to engage in school shootings? Is it because they see adults use deadly weapons to force people into conforming?

Putting an armed guard in schools, does this mean our system of education is improving, will this really help to make schools safer? Is adding more police to patrol our society making our communities safer? Is it contributing to the alarming increase in crime, why is it the more crime the more police the more crime? Where does any of this stop? Are the majority of our students this violent? What will our youth grow up thinking about guns? Is the use of deadly force our final answer to their problems or is this just how out of control "we" really are???

If our military is a good sign of what a people will do to protect the people they love, what happens when our schools are converted to armed forces? Will they still be protected by the Geneva Convention? What happens when our students learn the adults are against them, so much so, until we will use deadly force to intimidate them into conforming, behaving, refusing to shoot up their schools? Does this future look bright? Humanitarian, is armed conflict a good act of this???

What will we do when parents and students refuse to go to mandatory schooling because they fear for their lives? Must our children pay with their lives because we lost control and are too coward to standup and tell them without brandishing a gun? What if placing armed guards in schools doesn't work, what will be our next course of action or do we know it will work, like we know everything else?

Education is Big Business and I can see it now: New schools being created by big business advertising "we do not use guns to teach our children",,,just pay more to earn this privilege.

Americans want more guns to defend themselves but never thought it would be against their own children? Let's see, there are terrorists, Black folk, now our children, who else do we want to be armed because we fear for our own safety? Because we are a bunch of cowards!!! You cannot get the attention of your own children without the threat of deadly force? You do know these same children are going to "grow-up", become adults one day, sitting in your chair, making decisions about what to do for a society who screwed up their childhood, their future and there will not be shit your old ass can do? Do you think it appropriate to put armed guards in nursing homes? You don't give a shit and they will not either.

Have we failed our children, are we refusing to recognize this and properly address, with dialogue so we all can live in peace and harmony?

(((your inner

Women are already arming for conflict

Guns, Gold and God

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!