Being on the Right Track in America

Even thoughts like this indicates you are racist. What do you think when reading a sign saying, "Christian values taught here"?

Am I on the right track and why do I feel so strongly about the track I am on and why do they feel I am a threat to their tracks? How a simple traffic stop of a black man shifted in an instant from a routine exchange to a deadly confrontation--Powerfully painful. These deadly confrontations include our women and children and then afterwards, officials perform first-aid???

Do allow for the human being in all of us? Would you shoot your mom, your own children, family members because you are armed with a badge and gun--damn? Don't any of this shit demand more attention than the shit on which we are working? How can you have a healthy economy, better relations, better business when you keep straining local relationships? The word "coward" has to come into play somewhere. You are talking about killing the very people you are sworn to protect and serve. Where is the line between criminal and law enforcement?

Especially, these racist ass motherfuckers in my town, both black and white. It is amazing how Americans are so arrogant as to boast and dictate to the rest of the world all about how just and humane we are. Think about it, signs of Jesus posted all over America and even Black Americans who were punished under signs of Jesus have now turned to embrace the ideology of these very same wicked ass signs. I don't know about Jesus but his proclaimed followers leave a lot to be desired.

And if you said anything about it, they gon tell you all about a personal preference, but if we had a personal preference whatever happened to Voodoo? Today, even Black Americans are scared of Voodoo. Black Americans did far better under Voodoo than we have ever done under Christianity, but we embrace Christianity???

The crazy thing about Christianity is their proponent for recruiting. It's okay for them to recruit, save the world, but they think they are the "only ones". What do you think about Voodoo recruiting, cults...? Out of all these damn people, places and things, the world over, why do Christians feel the need to dominate? Why do they hide the fact they are all about one thing: profits? And when met with retaliation, Christians are too quick to rally, crying mistreatment. Why do Christians feel the need for guns? What did we do before? How did people get along so well with "Bow and Arrows"? How we severely criticize, crucify Muslims, Jews, Voodoo, when we do and have done worse shit??? Have you read about The Trail of Tears and how long ago was it, what group of people was responsible?

That's what gets me about Christians and I know no other religion better... I have never been mistreated by any group of people other than Christians. I have never seen another religion so hypocritical and in a serious state of denial, but I have "heard" what Christians say. Why would any good and well meaning human being want to be associated with a religion, with such a violent and abusive history as Christianity? Honestly, where in the hell do you see "good" in any Christian endeavor? I see lots of lies and embellishment of the truth but no honor in any of this. I just don't fucking understand why we so blindly follow the Christian hypocritical ideas? And I am not against anybody, race or religion, but the wicked blatant behavior of Christians is too easy for me to see. As a matter of fact, seeing how misleading and misguided Christians are, turn me against all religions. They have divided themselves into so many racist ass categories; they no longer know who they are and Black Americans are even more divided and pitted against each other. They have told so many lies, they no longer know truths. Christians have executed so many innocent people, killing fellow human beings is now just another day in the office. And Christians has proponent for justifying their own sins, it’s okay here but not okay here,,, who, "in hell" is suppose to understand this bullshit? You can BBQ a motherfucker for being black but lick his ass for being White? And this is the kind of shit even Blacks embrace, with their hypocritical asses.

I see signs advertising Christian Values taught here and it is scary because I ain't never seen a good Christian. I don't even think Christians have ever seen a good Christian, by the works of political campaigns. So, who's on the right track? Please embrace Humble Farm Refuge

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!