Being Politically correct and socially accepted?

There are some words and phrases which cause more harm than good.

By this age and stage in life, somethings are futile and when you think about it, what do they bring you? I don't know anyone who doesnot want to be associated with good, in his own mine, but what thehell is good?

Purpose of being politically correct and socially accepted. They don't tell you it all up to those who wiggle their way in position to push their personal agenda upon the masses. Otherwise, why would we have these phrases?

They are supposed to help unite, bring about peace and harmony, in the best interest of the whole. If that is not happening, we're following the wrong advice. Where is the peace and harmony?

Has the ability to read and write made us more productive together? What about a high school education, going to church, volunteering, sharing... it ain't what you do as much as how. What good does it do for you to treat others with dignity and respect when they treat you like shit, ask a slave? Something has to give, so what will it be?

What does being yourself mean, what would happen, if we were allowed to be self? Can we be greater than what we were created? If being you self is not yielding what we want, can what we want ever be good enough?

james brown: Get up off that stuff. Etta James: I rather go blind, boy.

If the results of being politically correct and socially accepted yields what we have today, does it need fixing? The amount of trash we generate each day, is it any indication of how politically and socially incorrect we are? Why keep creating even more bullshit to cover up the last bullshit? They say doing the same old thing yet expecting a different result is...

Dignity and respect are they the same as being politically and socially correct, but how has it turned just for the wealthy or middle class? Do we even know what good English is?

The most repulsive and obnoxious people in the world are those who believe themselves to be socially and politically correct?  The cause far more harm than good. Everything that looks good, ain't necessarily good for you, might be a trap. Does any other country desire to work with the U.S. or do they just want to take advantage of what we want them to believe we have? But how can a bunch of phony people, what can they contribute,,, nothing but demand.

We say it ain't nobodys business what you do, but how confusing, the chaos, deceit, betrayal, pressure, stress, depression, high and low class, violence, abuse and the long list of what we donot want just keeps on growing. It ain't desired, not necessary, self-destructive and not plausible. We cannot even keep up withourselves.

Why are we so opposed to just being who we are, was meant to be?

(((your inner voice)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!