Helping Middle Class America 2011


2008 America went into the worst Recession since the great depression. During that time we bailed out Corporate America and 2011 we want to bailout Middle Class America

How dangerous is that? Isn't it like working on the structure when the foundation is failing? We’ve bailed out Corporate America and now, we want to bail out Middle America?

My questions are: Who's there to help Middle America, if they cannot help themselves? Who was there to help Corporate America, when they couldn’t help themselves?

Finance-gone-wrong, bailouts, cronyism, corruption, financial painkillers and dependent upon dysfunctional institutions, where are "Poor Americans in any of that?

Why do we keep ignoring, overlooking “Poor America and Americans”? Do they not exist? Do they not deserve priority? Doesn’t our Bible tell us? Why do we treat poor Americans as if they are “nothing” to our economy, our country? Why do we start from the top but never get to the bottom, rather than the other way around, sometimes? What will America gain by being so negligent?

Who do you think is doing all the work in America, for nothing? To prove that, do you think Rich and Middle Class America is doing all the work in America, could they? Are they, could they even do most of it? I don’t know exactly what the numbers are, but I would suggest that Poor Americans make up the vast majority of All Americans.

Take a large city like Atlanta, 25% of the citizens of Atlanta are not rich, nor do they have a “specialty job” middle class?

There must be at least 30 students to every teacher. Nurses, the same way, over worked and under paid. Police, just think how many police there are, compared to the number of citizens? The numbers don’t even compare. The military, is it rich and middle class who make up the bulk of our military? Our trash, domestic, factory workers, are they middle class Americans, small business people? Where does the graduating class, the disabled, the jobless, the homeless, single parents, the incarcerated fit in? 25% of my hometown is not "middle class"?

Why weren't "Middle Class Americans" helped with the 2008 $25 or was it $700 Billion bailouts and stimulus program?

People living from paycheck to paycheck are they middle class Americans? If middle class Americans is catching hell to stay a float, just what do you think is happening to “Poor Americans”?

Does that stand to reason? It's working on the structure when the foundation is failing. Where is our compassion and to whom?

Further, I will point out to you, there is no such thing as Middle Class America and Americans, because this so call "middle class" is made of poor Americans, with “specialty jobs” and well over their heads in debt, trying to get somewhere, they do not fully understand.

When these middle class Americans get to retirement age, they are going to meet the same fate as middle class Americans today, because there is no Middle Class America and we are straining the hell out of poor America.

Why have Americans further divided themselves into these little small groups? Aren’t we all supposed to be ONE? Aren’t we tired of all this CLASS WARFARE? Don’t realize the SOS hasn’t and still doesn’t work? Even though this is furthest from the truth, why can't we admit? What are poor Americans supposed to do while we serve rich and middle America first?

Who decides what's rich, middle, poor? Big man verses Little man, where is the line drawn? Is it based solely on income? There is just one America with two groups, those who have and those who don’t.

The moment of truth.Those who have, should be helping those who don’t and vice-versa. We should work together, because not one of us is better than the other. We live on the same planet, eating and drinking the same foods, with the same bodily functions, because we are human beings. But that doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to money does it? 

The phrase, “Helping the Middle Class” is another key phrase used by those "On the Road to The White House"? Pretty simple but highly effective. POOR Americans!

(((your inner

2008 bailouts

America for richer or poorer?

People fighting, why?

"Being politically correct and socially accepted means"

finance-gone-wrong, bailouts, cronyism, corruption, financial painkillers and dependent upon dysfunctional institutions

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