Black owned and operated businesses in America

Why is it so hard? Structure.

Ever seen a people who are so eager and willing to neglect their own needs for the needs of others, and it ain't reciprocated? What is it about white folk which causes black folk to embrace them, no matter how badly white Americans treat them? You can find it in your heart to forgive and forget, but when it comes to your own kind, all hell breaks loose. Is the FEAR? Why do we value them more? White folk can make anything mandatory for Black folk and Black folk will be so obedient. We will stand in their ridiculously long lines, pay higher prices, give them our money to maintain, our kids to educate, be employed, be punctual, neglect our families, work till tired and we like it....but let a Black man try that shit, we'll fight till death do us part? Does our strong desire for their money cause us to overlook the possibilities of being compensated by other means and people? Where is our outsourcing?

As you look around in America, you see black businesses and they look like something from a third world country, while white businesses look like something from Star Wars, why?

White businesses in America look so clean, organized, professionally done, lavish, they are warm and welcoming. Black businesses look just the opposite, very depressing. Reminds you of that inferior, superior thing and not even black people want to patronize Black owned and operated businesses in America. As creative as we are, we overlook many details when it comes to us.

Black businesses suffer in America, not because of being denied, but because we deny self. Take a look into our communities, all abandoned. Our homes, too busy trying to assimilate, our social lives, too busy destroying each other, so there it is.

Do you ever look into the homes of white Americans? From the outside looking in the look beautiful, but once on the inside, they live miserable lives, and now you better understand why we are where we are.

Structure, they structure their families and business so someone else can run it. We enjoy this structure and even help them create and maintain it, however; we are unwilling to do the same for self.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!