Living outside the system

Is the system hurting or helping?

For the help received from living within the system, is it better to live without?

Most of us are terrified just at the thought of living without the system, hence we conform to the system, no matter the costs...(((denial))). We are in denial about a system that denies us.

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Are you living outside the box or system? What’s the difference?

Far too often we criticize those living outside the system, but embrace those living outside the box.

The box is within the system and we are lead to believe the system is established to relieve suffering, but it’s working just the opposite. Outside the box is nothing in comparison to living outside the system.

Either way, you are going to struggle, but for living within the system you suffer. Suffering is working in vain, living a life of lies, cheating, abuse and violence. I mean what is fruitful about a wicked, corrupt system? Is there a better way? Is it better to live in constant fear and stress or to struggle on your own? They say, you can do bad by yourself.

Why would I share the feelings of living outside the system? When you live within the system you look for the system to save you- false hope. But no solutions are coming, only more problems. I struggle because I live out the system, but I struggle and suffer for living within the system. The system is established to ensure people who live within suffer and that is why we have so much depression. We’ve learned to depend on the system instead of God, the most high.

By listening to your inner voice, you will be led to living outside the box and system, where you will discover true freedom and you purpose in life.

(((your inner

A Mother's Love

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