People classified as "not be able to function in a normal society" means what today?

There was a time when it didn't pay to be different but was considered a disorder, which could mean being hospitalized if deemed necessary.

It was a time when people lived with distance in between them, no modern technology and no benefits for being declared "crazy, insane, not being capable of functioning in general population". People worked hard not fall into this category. It went along with standards, values, low crime rate... so how did all this escalate into what we have today?

What do we have today, in this regard? We have a very different set of standards, values than yesterday. As a matter of fact there has been 180 degree change. Things like same-sex marriage would have never been recognized as legal or morally acceptable prior to today. Laws have been reversed to prohibit racism and to support women rights. Were we more wrong yesterday than today? 

Our parents grew-up and rule during an era, by today's standards makes them a menace to society. Would you whip your child today and expect no consequences? Corporal punishment

Church was a place to go relieve stress and to be in one with your creator. 

Politics was for the wealthy and parties are how you voted for changes. Did you ever believe there would ever be so many political parties you would fear change? 

Today, we strive to speak several languages, where yesterday we strived to speak only one. Why didn't America ever have a button for Native American?

Today, we have lost dignity and respect from everybody in the world, including our parents and our children, so what does this leave? Is this a generation gap? Why would any generation seek to raise prices on future and past generations? Parents did it to their children so their children is doing it to them and we call this great travesty "inflation". Instead of history embracing the future and our future complimenting our history, this gap is even wider and we are at a loss for a resolution.

We have abandoned learning from our parents for learning from machines, with technology. A senior citizen will be lost in their future, so for what are we living and working? How will your children and grandchildren know how best to take care of you, if you trained them to hate your ways? Love Jesus but be careful of White folk???

No, it is a "stupidity gap", because we intentionally led ourselves astray. We knew that shit was wrong, inhumane, not acceptable, not moral, not necessary, only for profit, sport and to deny others. Our gross exploitation of people, land and resources is the curse upon us today.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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