Disciplining Children by Beating Them

The proverbial ‘rod', using a cane, rod, stick or switch or any other object or form of corporal punishment to discipline children

Once more, the emphasis on beating a child who defaults in important duties are on the rise. The subject is controversial in the Western World. People are revisiting the notion that the old-fashioned age-old method of using the cane to discipline children is the best and really brings results.

Many adults are fed-up with misbehaved children and quick to blame sparing the rod as the culprit. A hit with anything other than the bare hand and that requires good training, should be deemed a criminal offense.

Not because children do not need spanking, but too many adults lose control, spanking goes from a last result to a first result, a child may be ill, too dangerous, people can make a mistake, using violence opens the door for more violence, hard to establish limits, a beaten child fears for its own survival, reasoning goes out the window and fear takes control and not all parents are stable. Further, the authority to spank will be delegated to other care takers and this opens a whole new can of potential problems.

The long term affects of spanking are disastrous and terrible damage and harm is caused, is irreversible and can lead to lifelong regrets, all of which is passed on to future generations.

Many other means of discipline, which are more acceptable and effectively exist over beating. A blanket authorization to beat our child makes it too easy for us to over look intellectual abilities to discipline them.

Would not it be great if we were the first generation to completely rise above using corporal punishment as a means of disciplining our children? That would be true progress. Consistent discipline, early on is the key, not beating. We all learn as we grow.

And then it happened!

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