What do you think about what I am doing? Low confidence leads to a greater need of approval. Who suffers from that more than me? I think two heads are better than one as long as both are not yours. So what does that have to do with being consistent. Most of us get tired and stop before we finish whatever it is we wanted to do.

One successful entrepreneur says, You can build a good business selling bad coffee as long as you are consistent.

Being consistent is also a spiritual thing - faith. The minds plays a lot of tricks on us. I know with this website, I often want to give it up and some probably say i should, others probably would not keep going but it is therapy for me and I hope for others.

Whatever you do in life, if you feel it to be your passion, be consistent. Never give up.

Here is the secret to being consistent: God forbid I should boast except in the cross of our Lord . . . —

Which is more important than all the empires of the world.

(((your inner

Consistency is the key to freedom.

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