What is freedom,,,,blood, sweat and tears = Freedom

Do we really understand what freedom is? For what are we asking? Do you ask for freedom and is freedom synonymous with respect? Can you force anyone to respect you? There are the things I must do and there are the things we've implemented to make that easier.

Survival! Relationships! Work! War! Play! Illness! Mistakes! Life can be cruel and unforgiving. Are you free because you've been and think you're free? How do you know what you've never been exposed to? What do you know about all the shit you don't know? Do you know. Knowing Nothing.

You don't miss the water until the well runs dry, so how do you balance all this stuff, so everybody can feel free? Where, when...did you lose respect?

Stress, I can remember some and imagine other times when life, as stressful as it is, was much simpler. Now, all this stuff we've created and invented, to make our lives healthier and less stressful, has come back to haunt us, we have proven ourselves wrong.

Looking at the bigger picture, if the top is not free, what does that say about the bottom? And when the bottom is not free, what does that say about the top? What happens when it all comes crashing down? Economic and Social crisis!

Are we more or less free today than yesterday? Do we patch the cracks or do we start all over again, how, where? The more you do the worse it gets.

These are some things to seriously consider based on the way we conduct ourselves and the way our society came about? It never was. We don't love ourselves because we do not know how and therefore, afraid to- let go. Where is the police?

Looking at the "rat race", I can only imagine what our forefathers thought of what we have done with what they handed to us.

Future, on my efforts alone, do how many people depend? Is there a such thing as too much freedom? What do you do when you recognize "I am too free to be free"? Will anyone love and care for me? They took the collar off your neck and allow you to run around in the yard...

Decisions come easily in some situations, but seem harder in others. There is so much information being pushed, you think you can do it all. What about a rolling stone? Is there any reason to gather any moss? Do I take greater responsibility or do I hide the wickedness of my ways? There goes my freedom.

How committed am I to whatever it is? Did I make a mistake or is my freedom "a hurdle too high"?

How much pain and suffering am I willing to endure to keep my family together? War is no joke. How much further is the finish line? Is my freedom the same as my relationships?

Too much freedom will cause you to start everything, but finish nothing. You don't have to worry, the world will be ready for you just as it was for me.

Logic is helpful, but Spiritual guidance leads the way. Thank God Almighty, I am free at last. Free to help, teach, learn and grow this beautiful world of which I am a part?

Blood, sweat and tears = Freedom. Act in a most loving and productive way. "Freedom is never free". Does anybody love me?

Peace and harmony, if you ain't fighting you ain't free and there is a peaceful and loving way to do anything.

Peace is synonymous with love and love is synonymous with respect and the combination of all above result in peace and harmony with nature, which makes you free.


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Freedom a condition?

Free Account?

Freedom wills power?


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