Interrogation Role Play

How can it be kinky when everybody's doing it? See who's the greatest culprit...

Who's sneaking around watching your every move - cameras?

What do they know about you and how do they get it, why? When we first me we do things to get to know each other better, why, if it so dangerous? What does you past have to do with your future and are we already doomed?

A walk into enlightment enlightens and your past is a minefield. How vulnerable do you want to be? If I can tell you're lying, you're out of here! So, how many of us are out of here?

Interrogation to learn all you good past or is it to learn all your dirty little secrets? Why do you want to torture a victim, as in real life? Is this real life?

What's the correlation between employment history and this kinky, dirty...? Do you own a gun? How many people in your family, credit history? Demographics, what good is all that shit when all you want is someone to do a good job? What is the potential in you? Is it all to see if you're telling the truth or to block?

Think about the police stopping you, your teacher, your preacher, is this why?

We don't want to be caught doing what we do. We have a few unwanted people we rather take care of rather quickly because they know your history. What's the "safe word"?

Why is interrogation so important, because it could blow up and destroy you and your relationship and that's the risk of being too vulnerable. Is it role play or real life?

(((your inner

Building a house you cannot maintain

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!