Doing Business With Black Americans

Do you reckon all these reality shows are any indication of what's really going on in Black Communities Across America or are they another Bill Cosby???

Things are getting worse and what are we doing?

First, please let me go head and say it: Doing business with Black Americans is "Fucked Up"? Why, for far too many reasons but primarily because we are too busy transacting business like the people we're trying too hard to be equal too! Our evil training is so deep rooted and sanctioned even by our parents and ancestors.

It is not main stream Black America who is selling out Black America, like White America selling out America,,, but Black Elite America who is selling out their fellow Americans for a buck and a blessing. How are they selling us out, why? Because they have good careers/jobs and want to protect them, make lots of money to support their well deserved lavish lifestyles. And you wonder why a po mother fucker doesn't stand a chance?

We are so far up the asses of our White counterparts, we don't even want to see daylight and turn around and cause you to think our problem is "the white man and the po Black man".

It is so amazing how Black elite America views and are so eager to embrace White American shit, as we see it more important than Black Shit, though it is all shit??? The Steve Harveys, Ophrahs, The Obamas, Cosby, Preachers, Teachers... can they even think Black American and maintain their elite status??? Who in their right minds wants all that stress? Do you think they view what  they do as being just as toxic to Black America, as the Black Americans from which they attempt to separate themselves... and it is all done in the name of business for White America.

What is the problem in doing business like White America? The pay serious money to advance their business interest using "talented wannabees" to help them dominate, realize great profits and so called success. Well, if we were achieving any kind of success would not at least Black Americans achieve more than we have or are we still considered inferior? Where is the shining example of major success in Black America, other than cronyism and corruption?

How can we buy into their game and prosper when so little is shared? Anybody making any money is too busy trying to keep it. Do you see all the billboards lies which litter our highways, are they more fiction than truth? Why do we need them now, when we didn't need them before and neither did the Natives of this great land?

Today, I observed and heard a 48 year old Black Businessman talk about his dead biological father like a dog. He called his father, a trader, incompetent, stupid, dishonest and alleged he acted to deceive the public. This man had it bad and whatever happened between his dead father and him was very traumatic. The man didn't listen, didn't care and continued to loud talk, blaming his dead dad for leaving him out the will and used it to justify why Black America is in such a poor state of the union. I couldn't believe we had people, normal people so mentally, emotionally and physically distraught. Like them celebrities talking about being abused at home and blaming their family members. Do you think this abuse was any worse than the abuse imposed upon us by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? Why cannot we finger them? Like a puppet, they build you up and they let you down.

But what do Black Americans do for Black Americans? Why do Black Americans distant themselves from anything Black American, including our communities? Is it as effective as what immigrant Americans do for their people? Do you realize how foreign businesses outnumber Black business, why? Do you realize upon whom we depend for our financial support, why aren't we better competition in the game and even more important, we're getting deeper and deeper in debt?

What kind of debt? The same debt used to enslave people who refused to pay. It is so bad, Black Americans have  been made to feel guilty for being their slaves and held responsible to be apart of the work force to further exploit Black Americans. Why should you be made to pay for work your ancestors were enslaved to do? Why do we view their approval as law, even though their laws put them in position to continue violating our Human Rights? Why do we continue to build their larger prisons to incarcerate even more of us?

Why do we think we deserve to be treated equal to the evil people most often hold in high regard and are they worthy of our time and effort to act like we aspire to be equal with them?

We talk a lot shit, tell so many lies, we are so out of touch with reality, trying to beat our masters at their own evil games. We are so fucking distracted we are worth more dead than alive. Crime is big business in America. From where do we get and practice such self-destructive  behavior and call it "having to survive"?

Why do we feel forced to choose a side, when both sides belong to evil Americans?

Is it the truth or is it just another mad black man ranting? Can we make a positive change in America and what is the change about what we talk?

(((your inner

Americans Exploiting Americans

Who's behind the cronyism and corruption in America

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!