don’t need YOUR MONEY

What does it cost to be the best person I can be? Money, the way we use it is worse than "crack cocaine".

Money, the way we use it, makes money far worse than any illegal or legal drugs and any other addiction.

I, like any other man, would love to have as much money as I can get. I’m looking at the costs, the pecuniary damages caused by the desire and what it takes to get money. The losses, the motives, the requirements to pay and pay back that which we cannot afford to lose. We say money is not the root of evil, but the root of evil is how the people use whatever they have. So, what would make a man say he doesn’t need your money?

People are led to believe the need for money and the way to get it is by working for someone who has it, no matter what they did to get it. This in itself is a suicide mission.

People are educated to get better jobs to earn more money and the job you choose should be based upon the money that job pays, instead of the skills you have. Now, people actually believe they need money to live. This money you’re earning is now being used to trade for the necessities of life. This is another suicide mission.

People have incorporated money in their spiritual worship and are made to feel less than for not being a willing participant. Now the survival of your faith is dependent upon your monetary contributions.  This is another suicide mission.

“People skills”, character and needs are ignored and now your lifestyle is based upon the amount of money you earn. We forsake our family responsibilities and moral obligtions by making money our number one priority. This is inhumane treatment and another suicide mission.

Today, money is the greatest medium of exchange to access those life giving resources that would otherwise be FREE, and all because we’re taught we want easier and we want it now.

Now, we’re talking about FREEDOM and Rights and I’m showing you how they are taken away. When your necessities of life are being provided to you based upon the money you can pay, then you will never have enough. Why should anyone give you for what you are willing to pay? Why should I give you food, water, clothing, shelter, health care and transportation when you’re too eager to pay whatever I charge? As a matter of fact, you feel less than a human being when you do not have money and are made to feel guilty for not wanting to pay.

Our whole society is centered on this one medium of exchange and the pecuniary damages are quickly destroying us. Everything we do is of and relating to the money we have, instead of the needs we serve each other.

We’ve made money the most valuable resource and it is the only global medium of exchange, next to weapons, drugs… We no longer earn money but tell so many lies in order to get this money. We create and implement great goods and services but they’re all corrupted just for the dollar. Why would anyone sell you what they need?

When you look at the things money can buy and compare them to the astronomical costs, is it worth it? You can’t buy good health and everything you need for good health has already been provided, so what are we paying?

People who have money know money alone is nothing, money has absolutely no value. They know they don’t need it, there’s nothing they can do with it and they’re miserable as hell with it. They also know you were and still are educated and trained to want what they have more than they do, therefore they can use this medium of exchange to exploit other resources and the vicious cycle continues.

How do you take something with as little value as “a dollar” and make it one of the most valuable assets a person can have? How does something with no value all of a sudden become valuable? From where does money get its value?

Anyway, I’ve had enough and have mustered the courage to say, No to your money. “I don’t need your money”. I know this is not going to be an easy thing for me to do, but this monumental task has to start somewhere?

What I need is the ability to recognize more mediums of exchange and to include myself in them. I do that by improving upon my valuable God given skills so I may earn what I need to live. I need to be so good you can’t live without my generous contribution.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!