Drinking water crisis in America

If ain't don't fix it, so what explanation do we have for the serious decline in our drinking water sources today?

Every time I go to my faucet, want a drink of clean God given water, I am reminded of how careless, how negligent we have been in treating our safe natural drinking water resources. How long will it be before I cannot afford a drink of clean water and why will i have result to drinking water contaminated by my own people? If global warming is of some kind of concern, then what about clean natural drinking water supplies. What happened to them all and why is there at least one for public consumption?

Before any action is taken to resolve a serious problem in America, it must first be investigated and reported by what is considered an “official ”, testing, adding more chemicals... Nobody will do anything until an official representative directs so. As good and safe as this may sound, historically speaking it has been too late by the time an official gets involved in any potential crisis. For example: hunting animals to extinction, abusing resources, racism…Americans are pretty bad when it comes to prevention and putting on a band aid when it comes to cure.

I am here to alert the official. From a child to an adult my water quality has so declined, today I am afraid to drink tap water. If I am afraid, what is going on with other Americans? Are we happier drinking bottle water, of which we have no earthly idea about from where it comes, probably the same sources from which we avoid drinking.

As important as clean water is to life, why are we so haphazard about abusing it? When you go from drinking from a creek or other natural water source to being providing better water by treating pumping it in and it becomes so polluted the quality has declined to a point where people are discouraged for drinking it and encouraged to take additional measures before drinking, don’t you think this is a crisis, about which we are in denial?

I not going to talk about countries who have been drinking bottled water from day one but my country where drinking water was pure prior to our founding fathers started tampering with shit. Our pristine natural water sources, already provided for free has been replaced by inferior processes and pollution.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!