Family no longer Family When?

As the demand for increased security measures soars, what's happening to family? Do you really love your family, do they love you back?

What is family and how important is it to survival? Whose in your family and does that change the dynamics of your thinking and behavior? Are our families really maturing or are they just coping the best they can? Why do we pay so much for so little?

Know how we talk all that shit about family, a world power, a super power,one of the world's wealthiest economies...? Know how dedicated we act like we are about family? Know how every man and woman talks about being family?

All the emphasis we place on becoming family one would think, especially America has got being a family down. Family, one big family unit, becoming ONE, what's the problem?

Family is the most important aspect of any society, the basic unit of any organization, so how does our country grow while families suffer?

Everyday, we go about our business with this arrogant attitude, like nobody knows better than us. America is the leading subject matter expert, on everything.

America builds the best medical facilities, America has the best houses, the best cars, clothes, food, technology,,, but if you live in America you wonder where is all this best product and service?

Is it on the farm, in the city, is it in our institutions, stores, business, job, just where exactly are America's best product and service located?

Is it in her people? Do you really think you're doing the very best job you can? Do we have the best politicians, teachers, preachers, car salesman, professionals; is the quality of our products and services superior to those of our neighbors? Are our work ethics better? Do Americans really respect Americans?

Are our schools, churches, government, business providing the best products and services? If this is the best Americans can do, then why are we out sourcing so much work and importing so many products and services? Why are there  a "your social events" and "my social events" even though we celebrate the same cause?

Is it that we're one of the world's most notorious gun dealers, is this the power making us a super power? Is it because we have so much money, we can afford to pay for a living? Is it because of our misplaced priorities when it comes to job and family?

Why is money tied to your quality of living? Why is it the more money you have the more important we treat you?

Why does everyone want to be better than the next guy, instead of helping the next guy?

If the country is so divided, what does that say about economy and family?

We can boast about how great we are but refuse to talk about our criminal background. We can talk about how good we are but refuse talk about our little cronyism and corruption problem.

Do you hate, shoot, arrest, rob or abuse family members? Why do we have more bad news than good? Why is all of this okay for you but forbidden for me?

My family is so divided, we can't do shit worthwhile, yet we act like we're so together, for who? Should you put money above family? Should business or job be a priority over family?

Should race be above family, then why are there so many mixed race people? Why is there a "your neighborhood" and a "my neighborhood", even though we live in the same town?

Why do people who look like you get to choose everything for people who look like me? Is it because I'm less than you?

How do you fix a problem you fail to recognize?

(((your inner

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Fixing A Problem You Fail to Recognize

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!