Running out of MONEY?

Who hasn't and what do you do?

Everybody wants the good life but nobody willing to be humble. Egos are tearing us apart.

How often do we do the right thing for all the wrong reasons? The modern education system has got us living more and more like heathens. Our priorities are more focused on one thing, instead of all the opportunities needed. People "need" help and it is our job to fulfill those needs. In this is the opportunity to share.

But sharing makes you vulnerable cause whose sharing with you in your time of need? Forget about that because it's already done and you can't dictate to people what to do with what you shared. Think on all the personal and business deals gone sour, do they give up, do they result to crime? There make it appear that most respectful people don't default on loans, well how did our country get so deep in debt? Is Robbing St Peter to pay St Paul a plausible solution to resolving debt and credit problems? Credit is just as bad as debt, leading to deeper and deeper, and only a mighty few users are able to escape its death grip. Credit - Your Inner Voice

Unfortunate, they do and that's how all the scandals are created, so you must learn what they don't want you to know. From begging to charity organizations the rip-out schemes are too numerous to name and it's all because we're too greedy. Debt collection and collection agencies overrides the rights of being human beings. They've pushed/promoted us to be total consumers and now that's all we know. We've forgotten how to respectfully make anything good. Refresh yourself with this stimulus joke

There's nothing constant in life, you must carry yourself in such a way people want to help you and the key words here are communications and perseverance.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!