Which is more repulsive?

Concerned citizens who go dumpster diving for food. They have never been sick from it and encourage freegans as a form of recycling. They are a growing grassroots subculture living outside consumer society and search garbage for edible food. They go out forage for perishable and nonperishable goods.

I understand, in some states, freegan is against the law. Well, anyhow, it is very controversial and comes with its own health risks. So does not everything?

At first the Nat. Geo. Show seemed to repulsive and humiliating, but as I listened, I became even more interested and aware freegan is a plausible alternative and solution to gross waste, fraud and abuse in America. Freegan is another lesson learned, just in case.

It is amazing at how proper and politically correct we can be when all is going well, but my mom always taught me to never turn my nose up at what somebody else is eating. There is more to life than my way and I can learn something from each experience, if I embrace it.

Think of all the stuff you do not know and how unhealthy is the food we eat. Consumption of contaminated foods or beverages, foods contaminated with harmful bacteria, parasites, or viruses? Obesity and even childhood obesity? How we raise our food, harmful chemicals and bring to it to market, animal cruelty. Which is more repulsive? And last but not least, what will you do in case of emergency? Is it that what you do not know, want hurt you?

How consumerism is really driven by corporations who make lots and lots of money by getting us to buy things. Much of the food is still in its original packaging and has been discarded largely for cosmetic reasons, not because of poor quality. What kind of rules are we following? Is that what it takes for us to protect ourselves? Does not anybody know the difference?

Though I think it is okay for whoever wants to do it, I do not know enough. I never do. I get a bunch of junk out of the trash, but never thought about food. I do not look down on anyone who does it, but I can think of other options. I like growing your own. I also liked the German “spurmule” program, where on a given day they would sit whatever they did not want on the street for the taking.

Freegan, in some lands, is a way of life. Stuff like that would never hit the gabarge. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

How far would you go?

(((your inner


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