Where is the Friendliest Place for African-Americans?

What state in the United States is friendliest to African-Americans? What happens when avoiding trouble is not working?

The Friendliest Place, why does this elude us, when we all want it and are working for this?

Where's "our", our schools are the best, "our" good jobs, our good relationships, communities, shopping, health care...? 

Being I'm not African-American (AA), like that Raven-Symone' theory, I ain't got to worry about that shit. But do you think my not worrying will stop me from having to worry even if I'm a Hollywood star, what about the NAACP, why? 

 "Keep Your Disrespectful, Mean, Hurtful, Words" to Yourself, Do you think that's going to work for these Wheat folks?

It ain't what you label yourself, but what these ruthless ass people will do to you. AFricans sold Africans to profit themselves and Europeans created the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade out of GREED. Now, supposedly all this slave shit is illegal, but I'm here to tell you... "It just went underground". And as long as you do not admit that shit, that is where it will stay.

Back to the friendliest place for African-Americans. Why do we even refer to ourselves as African-Americans? We chose not to be called Niggas, so why do we settle for this AA? We settled because that is the way "they" categorize us, under demographics and whether you like it or not, "they" are going to keep themselves superior, which keeps you inferior, in their eyes and it only gets worse when you start to believe.

So, what do you do for a family member who sees themselves as superior to you and/or you as inferior to "them"?

Can you do your best work with a "mother fucker" breathing down your neck? Then, what are we producing here, why work under these "very fucked up conditions" and calling ourselves a "success"? Do you call "getting a check from the devil success"? Can I pay you to keep your family member down? Do we enjoy watching people being oppressed and we always "gon kick somebody ass"?

Well, as you build these "mother fuckers" up, you're putting the rest of us down. It's similar to the "Uncle Toms", nothing more, nothing less. The question is: Why are you acting like you're so concerned about ISIS? Why are you acting like you're so concerned about immigrants? Why are you acting like you're so concerned about "bettering this country"? Remember, YOU ARE THE REASON WHY THIS COUNTRY IS SO FUCKED UP. This is not profanity, this is not comedy, this is not an opinion... but this is a fact, as you stand there with "egg on your face".

We're so infected with cronyism and corruption, we think it to be a natural state of being. We get pleasure out of seeing our fellow man beat down.

Recently, Landrieu remarked,  the south has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans, using that as a reason for low approval ratings for President Obama, especially in "the South". The president's energy policies are deeply disliked by residents of the oil and gas-rich state. What about the Herman Cains?

Now, I ask you: Why is this a surprise and why is she going to apologize for telling the truth? The fact of this angering some proves intentional deceit and no remorse, on their behalf. 

If it has been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader, what the hell does that say for me.

I don't care how much education, how good you are, African-Americans are never going to be accepted as fellow citizens or human beings in America. And it doesn't matter what you label yourself, but all to do with how "you" perceive yourself.

Is this shit about politics or is politics about control, control of what...RACE, because money is no good. What are you willing to do to live like them because you can't live according to your own healthy standards? Their only mission is to keep a race of people to do their dirty work and that is why they talk about our asses so bad.

I cannot tell you where the friendliest place in the world is for African-Americans, but I can tell you where the most unfriendly place in the world is for African-Americans and you living in it is proof. It's a bad day when your Continue reading "Friends Don’t Even Want To See You"

Is it so bad that African-Americans don't even want to be AA? Why don't the NAACP help find this AA friendly place?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!