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Feb 17, 2010
Friends, the hard lesson
by: Art

You see people in friendly relationships all the time, but you never know how they got that way? How do they stay friends? When you first meet, the sky is the limit. Those friends hound and pressure you to get what they want and it is all fun but, put the shoe on the other foot and in an instant, you become their worse nightmare? Have you ever had friends you wanted to grow with? Every time they call, you answer, but when you call, they're busy? They play hard to get. Then, there are those other kind of friends, friends in need, they ask and commit to pay, but immediately afterwards, they seem to forget their promise to you. Friends can have the greatest expectations of you, until you screw-up, and there is no forgiveness, but when they screw-up,,,NO PROBLEM? They can tell you the proper way to do everything, but when it comes right down to it, they have got every excuse.

They expect you to give all of you, while they give none of them? They talk a good game, while you are growing seperate ways. When it comes right down to it, the only friend you can depend on is you. Do your part and a good friend will soon come a long. It is easier to grow with friends who want to grow with you, than to grow with friends who are not sure. Sometimes, that is a hard lesson to learn. I am forever learning! What good is a friend when you do not need them? Those friends who can help you do everything but, accend, ascend!

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