Grasping Things, to graduates 2014

What the hell do I know, that can prosper me anyway? What can i do, to what are you entitled...

Oh, how well do I remember that day. Now, just look what you think of me now? Why is no one going to invite me to speak at their graduation? Do you think they're going to invite you? Just why did Rutgers default on Condolessa Rice? What exactly does it take to earn a decent living in the American Society we know today? Would it be more people like Herman CAin? Then, why do people hate Obama Care so much? Which do they hate more, Obama Care or Rap? Am I of a world filled with hatred, racism... and hate to admit it or is it just your imagination? 

First, what is decent, are we the people really decent, will we give you a fair shake, have you bought your first car yet? What have we done to help you get there, would it be things like lower the price of a gallon of gas, how does that help you where you need to go? Is it the more money you make the more money you charge? Why do we do these stupid things to ourselves, "All For Profit". Have you ever seen any people more stupid? Just how do I get better amongst all this chaos and confusion? Just how do I be my self? Do I even respect, acknowledge that side of me or is it always what others say? Where, when, how do I get the courage?

Had I known then
what I know Now, I would have
done then what
I can't do now.

Can anybody help you understand that, is there a need? What about treating people like you want to be treated, do we do that at our ports of entry,,,(((Air Ports)))? I would love to be the one to frisk you as you entered Afrika. Are there really any such thing as "Roots"? Is that why we're so afraid of that? Do people really have Roots on them? Would you really want to "go back to your roots"? So, where is it you're really going?

Do you really think most people are going to give you a fair shake, your family, friends, neighbors, community, then why did we create a "ghetto"? Capable of grasping things, is that why public education was made "mandatory"? Just why do you need another public education degree or higher learning? Are you really going to learn more or will you just think you know more? Is more less and is less really more? How many of us are really living longer and just why is longer better when things are getting significantly worse? Where was those glass half full, half empty people during the likes of atrocities like SLaverY, Indian wars...? Does our system of doing shit,,, really beat theirs? What are our great thinkers really thinking and is it about things like predatory lending, oil prices, stock markets..? Does the attitude of "I'm entitled" strike a cord with you? Do we really deliver on the American Dream? Doing good in school, getting a high school diploma... do these entitled you to what you were promised... a decent job? Does college entitled you to a better job? Does religion help to make you a better American? What entitles you to be blessed and highly favored over anyone else? Does God do favors? Our birth message is a message of entitlement, it's true and a message which Americans have failed miserably to deliver and rather than accepting that blame, now we make you feel ashamed or wrong for the feelings of being entitled. Then, we make you feel guilty for not going anywhere and don't want to treat you like a fellow human being? Then we wonder why negative things like crime, broken relationships, same sex, gender, interracial, education, government, religion... problems so simple and easy to avoid... plague us?

Grasping things, what will you grasp, suggesting things like being bent or shaped, success or continuing , capable of being endured, seeing In the dark, repetition yet evading review, capable of doing, being stretched... change. Good Luck!

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!