guitars, girls, booze and weed

Why do we avoid these instead of embracing them? The Testosterone War

Do you really know who your parents are or is it just what you've been told, do they ever make mistakes? Who's your baby's daddy? The bad decisions of adults impacts the life of a child forever?

As important as we've made this cocktail of life, are we doing the best we can do by denying them?

Some will never connect because they think their asses are too good to connect with the rest of us? What kind of love is that? Domestic violence and abuse, does it include racial lines? Abusers have abuse for so long and so much they no longer see what they do as abuse?

As we discuss gun control, weapons of mass destruction, financial crisis, power over places like Russia, asking countries like Malaysia for more information..., why do we shun girls, booze, music and  weed? Why is weed illegal, why are we suing our President for not arresting more weed users? What about "The Testosterone War"?

Why are things like crime, racism, bills, power struggles more important for us to read and write about than these simple pleasures of life? Who, why would anyone want to deny when we're abusing the hell out what we say makes sense?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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