Honesty and Purity

And we say we're FREE

There's a lot of hype around the idea or notion of being free. We say we're free, but is this really so? There are those who view freedom as their ability to dominate others and there are those who view freedom as being a casual observer. 

For those of us who consider ourselves conscious beings what does this make us? In pursuit of freedom through a useful, happy, and better quality of life, when did we ever fit any of these categories? How can we claim to be free when constantly in a struggle to dominate each other? Wise, who's the wise man here? How do you come up with freedom in any of this? Do we even know the definition of freedom, what about wise? How can a free man be as bound as we are today and bound by who?

In the confusion and chaos of this all, how can one of us claim to be honest? If you do not know what to believe you will fall for anything. The lack of progress in this area and the onslaught of retrogression, one is claiming to be honesty while dishonesty is actually in control. So, how are we responding to our surroundings?

Without honesty you can't be pure. What about those of us who are ignorant to our own dishonesty? How can you know what you never knew? Now, you have a chance to do better and you do nothing.

If no one is engaging with the honest man, then who's lying to who? How do you reveal your purity?

A life is either all spiritual or not at all, don't be fooled by your brain. Who you think you are is no match to who you are in your mind. What good does it do to act like you're fooling everybody, excluding yourself? Why would any sane man fool himself?

How do you explain this karma and do we understand it?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!