How do “we” prove we know the way

and this direction be to the betterment of all people?

Infiltrated, violated, surreptitiously and gradually, to create as much dissension possible within the ranks. Everybody has a plan to fix this all, but none to include "us".

Do you think these people are going to sit back quietly as you to cut through all their "extraneous bullshit"? That's the reason for "slow progress", the more bullshit we cut through the more bullshit created. Then, on the other hand most niggers have settled for less, especially the house niggers and the field niggers don't stand a chance in hell, the spoils flow to those in power, otherwise what would be the incentive to want more of what they have. If we knew they didn't have shit, we wouldn't want shit, no matter how hard we've worked. We know we deserve to be treated better, but our better is handed over in crumbs. The old saying about, "we've been down this road many times before...."

To whom do you want to prove this? Are they willing to accept your results? You know how people come to the aid of other people in need, why haven't anyone seen the need to come to the aid of Black Americans?

As long as you perceive yourself in this predicament, this predicament will not change. In checking myself, I often ask, "Why must the oppressed subscribe to the healing process dictated by the oppressor"?

Why would the oppressor be willing to share with the oppressed until the oppressed feels equal? And as long as the oppressed only shouts loud enough for the oppressor to hear, then only the oppressor will know and respond to these cries.

If you are having to result to violence to cause this man to change then the change will not be effective until this man decides for himself it is time to change. If the employers ran the company they would make more than their employer? It is up to the creator/owner to decide what and how much is to be shared for helping to make their idea a reality.

Hence, the American dream is a dream of all people and for it to remain this way, the roles must remain clear and attractive to the outside world. The roles cannot change to cause a potential business man to think he must work harder in America than he must in his own country. Then, why come to America?

Business people, the world over, come here to escape the trails and tribulations of doing business in their own country. "Too bad" one of the main benefits in America include "exploiting the labor of Black Americans". For some strange reason, America feels like Black Americans owe her, even knowing the inhumane conditions in which we labored to make her what she is today. We were given no credit and find it equally as difficult to demand credit for what is rightfully to be shared. It was intended to be this way to cause Black Americans to think they do not know the way.

As Black Americans are distracted by a dangling of the carrot, other businessmen are exploiting the spoils of our labor. And "our labor" has been and still is being misconstrued as "their labor". In every way they get credit for knowing the way and we get credit to get more carrots dangled.

Though we've proven we know the way within the system, we've failed miserably at "proving" we know the way outside the system. They're dragging the process of sharing out, we cannot help ourselves the way we know we need to and are compelled to settled for "the crumbs they're willing to share".

The bottom line: There is one side "for" and one side against, and those "against" far exceed/are massive compared to the number of people for uplifting and advancing the colored people. Even the President refuse to properly address this.

Now, is the  time for unequivocal action. We must prove we know the way, and in order to be allowed to work on our direction, our action, without being perceived as a threat, this action must be for the betterment of "all" people.  And yes we can do it, just as we done before, but this time include our own interests. We must be strong and free enough to invite all desiring to share in our spoils.

(((your inner

"The uplift and advancement of our people"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!