The Uplift and Advancement of "Our People"

How do you uplift and advance a people?

How do you uplift and advance a people with so many different definitions, ideas, and desires about uplifting and advancing?

I used to think and historically speaking - With all the help from so many of our ancestors, in this case, Black leaders, why haven't Black Americans made more progress? Why does it take so long to achieve what is considered a human right to all others? What is it about the more we work towards achieving equality the farther away we get? Who is "our people"? What are we doing right and wrong?

Is it because the leadership hasn't been up to par? Is it because a people hasn't been performing up to par? Somewhere somebody has been falling short, if we're not where we know we should be.

Who is "our people"? Who needs uplifting and advancing? That would be a powerful indicator of being less than, like they want you to think. The system says, their problem is an our problem and when we have a problem it is "my problem". For this reason many Blacks shy away from what is coming to be known as "their perceived needs", "the perceived struggle" of Black people. Haunted by the guilty feelings of the oppressor, many Blacks feel ashamed to be associated with the "modern day alleged oppressed" Black American.

Why is it getting worse? How can I ask of you what I know you do not have, why? From where do Black Americans get money, from what people? What is it when I demand to be paid only in the currency I created? What is it I'm asking you to do when I know from whence this currency comes and who it supports...? It is getting worse because today the situation is more confusing than ever, so much so, many Blacks Americans no longer identify with the struggles of Black Americans. We are caused to believe the struggle is about money instead of people. This is because the "so called struggle" has been so convoluted, polluted, corrupted, we do not understand where and how to start and you can't trust nobody. We've gone so far for so long like this, the idea of uplifting and advancing Black Americans, as a people, seems futile at this point.

The house niggers and the crackers ain't going to allow for no uplifting and advancing of a whole race of people in front of them and they're actively engaged to ensure this cannot and will not happen under no circumstances. This would mean a shift in power and this kind of shift would be viewed as a threat to their own power to rape, pillage and burn. You either work within the system or "they" will shut you out.

Many have perished trying to uplift and advance the needs of Black Americans and so far the best idea of this advancement has come through the election of the first supposedly Black American President. It ain't his color, it's his position which keeps him from being able to help the people who need it most and they are Black Americans.

Do Black Americans see themselves in need of uplifting and advancing? No, most Black Americans see the present situation as the best they can do and would rather settle for less than sacrifice for more. 

Why do they want less? The house niggers, the overseers have everything, so why would they want to take a chance at losing this? They've separated themselves, because they do not identify with those of us who are not willing to do what they did to get to where they are. They overlook the design of the system because they get paid to "hush-up" us field niggers. Us field niggers, no matter how good we are, we know we do not stand a chance in hell of being treated as equal. They don't even treat house niggers as equals and house niggers treasure their positions. 

Uplifting and advancing a People? If there is to be any uplifting and advancement of a people, this must start at home and from within. This calls for listening and obeying (((your inner voice))). The advancement has to be a personal goal of individuals to become a people goal. Each person must realize their valuable roles, in the world of dignity and respect, and take action in this regard.

It is in this fashion a multitude of individuals can come together as a people to create and make known what they're not willing to accept.

How can you know this?  How can you know what if you've never been exposed? You don't miss the water until the well runs dry. What are our work ethics? What are our standards for living... these are some of the most important core values which unite people and they have nothing to do with MONEY or with what someone will allow you to do. Instead of creating our own, we want everything they have and they use this to "dangle the carrot".

Solution? Someone, anyone of us must break this curse, start something which proves successful and attractive to Black Americans, more than what is used to lure us back into the trap and make it open, especially to Black Americans. This has to be something which puts the needs of Black People ahead of any other people and this will be good for all people. This effort cannot be based upon monetary value but character, talent, and all those things we talk about "supposing" to possess.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!