How do you listen to everybody?

Is there a way, is it possible, to hear what everybody is saying? It's a no brainer!

Are they really saying "mo money", mo jobs, more, more, more or less, less, less...? What does our justice system suggest? Are they, do they really hear us all? Who is "justice"?

First, you must stop listening to all the bullshit you hear on a daily basis. What good is that doing you, to listen to the same old shit yet expect a different result? You want more, yet you're getting significantly less, does that make sense? Do we want more or do we want less of the bullshit we're getting? Why allow fear to be your master? What do you have to lose? Everybody else, do you think they wanted to lose, did they have a choice about who took their lives, who conquered their lands, raped, pillage and burned?

IF you're so concerned the same is going to happen to you,,, then change before it's too late. If you see something bad down the road, do what you can to avoid it. Avoid bullshit or do you go right for it! Avoid trouble or do you run to it? 

You have to be quiet, quiet your mind, go somewhere, sit your ass down, and then and only then you will hear clearly what everyone is saying. You will hear exactly what is intended just for you, believe it or not.

Contrary to popular demand, listening has nothing to do with what you want, if you knew that we wouldn't be having all these problems, more police, more security, more to protect us from what, who. The enemy you want to slay, you need today.

We have too much bullshit going on to hear anything any more. The crazy thing about this all is, listening to bullshit, you only produce more bullshit and when you start to believe your own bullshit.???

Tell the truth, not your truth but The Truth. What's wrong, confusing, so hard to do about. Do you really need a gun? Is it what you have or how you use it?

Every man for himself or is it one for all, then what cannot we conquer? Does it take a gun to climb Mt. Everest, should you even take one? If we were busy doing things that really counted would the gun be the number 1 weapon? If there was too much gun violence wouldn't  you put more gun restrictions? Do we really discourage the use of gun in violence or do we encourage it? Wouldn't both parties stand a better chance, if guns couldn't be involved?

What do you do when you're older, senior citizen, an old ass person, think ahead that? Who'll be the fastest gun? REcon guns will be needed in the nursing home? We lock up crazy people, but I question our mentality towards "real guns and bullets". Why are we so torn and between on a "no brainer"?

(((your inner

 reading "What is yours"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!