How Polarized are Americans?

What does it mean and how have we allowed this to happen?

Why do I name Americans, when the whole world is like this, I live in America, America claims to be a number one world power and my question is "do we really realize we are doing just the opposite of what we claim". Last but not least, I do not want to see my people go down like this. 

Why are we forcing each other to conform to standards, laws, rules, regulations established to  your own demise? Why do we want to be counterproductive over being productive? Why do we keep going when all the evidence indicate we are causing more crime, corruption and producing more inferior products and services?

Polarized, as with Americans means: Restrict the vibrations of wholly or partially to one direction. Like a horse with blinders, a cow to the barn, zombies, don't think or act upon your thoughts... This is a bad behavior, cannot be tolerated and is counter-productive.

This is the new America and the problem with being polarized is, we seriously believe we are not, therefore invite more and more people in to take advantage of our polarized asses.

I saw where Mark Zuckerberg and his wife started a new project having to do with education and health, riding the world of disease, so what does this mean about Americans? Americans are so polarized, we now enjoy living in filth, lies, betrayal, deceit and lavish lifestyle. We actually enjoy exploiting people, land and resources. Inflation is a real thing in our minds and believe we're going the right direction by creating and paying even higher prices for a less quality product or service. We think it is great to buy everything from China. We have zero sense of responsibility, yet feel obligated to use our evil ways to coerce the rest of the world into conform to our hypocritical standards. We get a kick out of distancing ourselves from each other, therefore have no conscious about the consequences of our evil behavior. 

Why do Americans feel so compelled to impose their hypocritical style of living upon others? Why would Americans want to cause fellow Americans to believe they need a job in order to survive? How did Americans allow fellow Americans to believe they need a job to help build this country? Why do we educate our children to live in a world which does not exist?

The country was here before, doing better than it is today and still we allow ourselves we need another dead-end job to serve our best interest?

The real problem with being a polarized people is "the people have lost their power and are rendered helpless".

(((your inner

The line of no return 

What does being saved mean?

 "why educate our children to live in a world which does not exist"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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