why educate our children to live in a world which does not exist

HOw do you know it cannot exist?

The world in which we are teaching our children to live does not, has never and cannot exist because it violates the laws of Nature. The other part about this all is, we have gone so far over the line, for so long, we have started to believe our own bullshit.

Even our children and future gets farther and farther away from the life which gives all life, it seems we just do not give a damn. We would rather argue and fight over nothing than to have fun building some good and positive for life. We seem to cannot stop fooling ourselves, even at this very critical point in life. Our solutions are way more complicated and complicating than the problem. It is the fact of having to tell more lies to cover the first lie.

Who would not want a bright future? How can you get it by deceiving each other? Do you need a job to survive? Should you need a job to survive in this life? Should you need money to survive in this life? Should you have to pay for being born and dying? Why do we make things like this a reality and call it business?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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