The human shield argument, Gaza - Israeli war

Does war exclude or include innocent civilians?

A good friend of mine was punished by jail for refusing to participate in a war in which he felt was none of his concern. Is that fair or just, who was punished behind such a noble decision, the innocent friend or the war mongrels?

What is Hamas as in the Hamas/Gaza- Israeli War? What lesson can we learn? Can you determine who is military or civilian based upon the clothes or uniforms they’re wearing? Only in a parade. Then, what makes the military military and civilians civilian during war? Is a war between two or more armies or two or more people?

Violence between Israel and Gaza is three things: complicated, confusing and Self-Defeating. Both groups have committed to war until one or the other does not exist. There has been many peace negotiations in which neither is willing to agree. Here is why.

"We develop anti-missile systems to protect, we use anti-missile systems to protect our civilians, They use their civilians to protect their missiles. That's the difference." Hamas is a political party, classified by the U.S. as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, not just a military wing. It has institutions, organizations, homes in Gaza, which is a part of a long-term Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Degraded militarily, Hamas opposed Israel and survived. Hamas is committed to firing rockets at Israelis, and Israel is committed to keeping Hamas weak and deterred, in part through periodic military campaigns.” America’s concern is reports of the Hamas firing upon Israeli civilians; therefore American leaders support Israel taking more military action. Are Americans seeking peace or are we looking for one people to overthrow another?

A military is made up of civilians who form together to fight for a civilian cause, from which civilians are solicited for the special purpose of fighting. Which part of this civilian pool is involved and which part is not?

A military is funded and supported by its civilian population and if any part of this civilian population refuses they are subject to harsh punishment and or criticism. In actuality, civilian and military are together fighting for the same cause. This military consist of people from all walks of life, including churches, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, Red Cross, all the sacred places. Plus, kids grow up to become military members fighting for the same causes and wars their parents started. So, how do you end this madness?

Americans would like us and the rest of the world to believe, when you don’t have on a uniform you are an innocent civilian, even though you’re working for a manufacturer of weapons, planes, uniforms… for the military. What is an accessory to a crime?

Ultimately, it is the civilian population who benefits from war. My point here is, no matter how much we (3rd party) would like to make this distinction, in love and war, there are no clear cut lines between what we would like to refer to as “innocent civilians” and military. This decision ultimately is determined by the opposing forces. 

In America we develop weapon systems to protect our civilians and we use our civilians to protect our weapon systems; where's the difference? We even arm our civilians to protect themselves. Now, how do we determine what part of this protection is military or civilian? What opposing force is going to agree? One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter and we do not determine which. It's enough trouble to maintain peace with our own.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!