What Does America Want?

What happens when you reach sixty years of age and have less in life?

I don't know how old America really is, there are still too many questions about that, because I'm still not too sure about Columbus. But during my life time, America and Americans have significantly less of what they say they wanted when it all started.

We say we wanted cleaner water but today have more polluted water, for which we pay more. As a matter of fact, most Americans prefer not to drink from our natural water supplies. How is that prosperity?

What do you want, what does America want?

To better determine what you want, you must examine what those above you want, while we stand on their shoulders.

So what is it that Americans want today? Is it, more jobs, a "one size fits all" approach to the world, it does not make any difference to us, to go to war and we want it to happen now, is it to know what the rest of the world wants? Then why is mass media so interested in what’s happening in the rest of the world?

If you asked individual citizens this answer would be even more confusing because Americans feel they are entitled to do whatever it is they want, even though they know this is to their own detriment and impossible.

The opposite of this question would be, what do others want from America and Americans? What does America have to contribute to a wholesome life? Again, if you asked Americans, especially the ones I know, our leaders I see on tv, Americans still do not have what we want. As a matter of fact, Americans would tell you they have considerably less and paid considerably more for it. Who would want that?

Though Americans have the most advanced technology, doesn’t necessarily mean that technology is available to the average American. Some good examples would be affordable housing, clean air, water, healthy food, land and resources... Americans are plagued by things like hunger, disease, domestic violence, racism, ridiculous higher costs of living… After sixty years, couldn’t these problems have been solved by now? Are we going to pass them on to the next generation?

What does the next generation want? The next generation wants to expand upon current technology. They see this as not a living but a good source of income, don't get dirty and the key to solving their own problems. But what they do not understand is that this technology only made things worse for Americans a few decades ago and we're in a serious state of denial.

The road problems just continue to grow with the number of roads we build, more expensive autos, more auto accidents, more fuel consumption, more driver’s license, more insurance, tags, title, taxes, more traffic control mechanisms, cameras, police, insurance, more crime… plagued by one crisis after the next. What about any of this did or would anyone want, other than the dream? We have smarter phones but more impolite phone users and life was simpler just a few decades ago.

Then a few decades ago, how could we want peace and harmony in Mother Nature when it was all guns and violence and destroying the indigenous people of this land? We’re constantly destroying every opportunity by creating things we call development?

Did and have Americans ever learned how to live and enjoy life? In words it all sounds good but in deeds we're actually getting less. Do people actually come to America to live or make money? What you give is what you get.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!