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  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:CONTACT: Arthur Thomas or Dolores DavisHumble Farm Refuge INC 404-259-5027 or 404-668-2208 Humblefarmsrefuge310@gmail.com FARM REFUGE, INC Presents the “John Daso Art Show”Milledgeville, Georgia, May 24 and 25, 2018 - Humble Farm Refuge, INC is pleased and honored to present John Daso, an internationally recognized artist, to share pieces of his various art collections. The public is invited to experience this rare opportunity on Friday, May 25, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at 2930 Heritage Place, Milledgeville, Georgia. Portraying truth through realism Daso’s work inspires the casual observer to become more cognizant of the importance of relationship building and bridging gaps. His ability to so eloquently, convey the past, capture the present and predict the future, with brush, paint and canvas has earned him the utmost respect and his work to be a “must have” for any art collector. 

A Self-taught artist and visionary, John Daso was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. Daso was only four-years old when he began this artistic journey, creating not the expected stick figure drawing of a man, but a detailed rendition. Much of Daso’s past work focused on his childhood, growing up as a young black man in the segregated South. While a student at Lucy Laney High School, Geneva Stallings saw Daso’s talent and encouraged him to hone his skills and follow his dreams. Since that first drawing back in 1960, which Daso drew on a brown paper bag because he lacked proper paper, he knew he would grow up to be an artist.

Painting for the past fifty plus years, John Daso’s work has earned him national and international recognition, not only as a renowned artist, but a respected and business savvy entrepreneur. Since becoming a professional artist in 1974, Daso’s work has been shown at galleries across the United States. His “I Remember When” Collection graced the Plaza Hotel “Daso in Manhattan 2009.” In 2004 he showed at the Columbia, SC Museum of Art. He returned to his roots when The Daso Art Collection was exhibited at the Augusta, GA, Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History. His artwork graced the 2001 NAACP Convention held in New Orleans, LA. Drawn to Charleston, SC, in the late 1990’s Daso was the first African-American to own a gallery in the historic downtown French Quarter. “My gallery became so popular, especially during the French Quarter Art Walks, we would have people spilling out into the streets dancing and having a wonderful time! In fact, several tour groups began including the gallery on their tours,” Daso said. 

Along with creating art, Daso has felt a calling to help young artists. Humble Farm Refuge, INC saw hosting the art show for John Daso as an outreach opportunity to provide a unique, inspiring and interesting experience for the Milledgeville and surrounding communities..

ABOUT HUMBLE FARM REFUGE, INC, Humble Farm Refuge, INC. (HFR) is a 501c3 organization with the mission of: Agri-tourism, place of restoration agriculture and sanctuary for disenfranchised individuals.

For more information about this event, contact: Humble Farm Refuge, INC, ATTN: Art Thomas, 310 South Clark Street,Milledgeville, Georgia 31061, Phone: 404-259-5027, email: END

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!