Knowing Good People

Is our idea of being good synonymous with our alleged good behavior? We're all good people but what happens in the mix?

Most of us couldn't tell an apple tree from any other, so how do we recognize good people when we see them? Why it so important you recognize good people? Are they walking around with a halo on their heads? Are they celebrities? Will they be politically and socially correct? Will they consider themselves superior to all others? Will they relish in having more than you?

Do you need a reason to do bad? Why would anyone want to do bad? Why would anyone want to prescribe pain for pain? What's the use in going to that kind of doctor? But that is exactly what we do and expect better results in the end?

There are those of us who care and there are those who will do whatever is required to get just what they want, not what they need. Those of us who succeed at this small feat are quick to criticize, cause to feel guilty, discredit and take the advantage of those of us who don’t.

Do good people take advantage of the very people they’re committed to serve? We’ve strayed from living to spending. We gave up working for those things we need to working to get what it takes to buy those things we need? Why would any individual, in his or her right mind, place another criterion in between what they don’t have and what they need? Why would you further complicate matters like that?

Why do we condemn prostitution yet condone hypocrisy? Is it not better to engage in prostitution than it is to engage in hypocrisy? We’ve cultivated so many hypocrites it has become the thing to be, when a hypocrite is just the opposite of what we pursue. How is this so?

How does a man claim to be good, knowing all the time what he’s doing is for the wrong reason? How does he justify this? How does it happen when a man is plagued by so much corruption he perceives it is better to be corrupt and call his success at taking the advantage of the opportunity good?

How do we claim to be generating more than enough to go around, yet keep coming up short, calling this progress? How can we be honest, calling more and more corruption good? Creating a demand for more and more police, yet not see ourselves as criminals? Creating a demand for more and more schools, educators yet consider ourselves as learning? If we learned anything would the demand for more good teachers keep rising? After a period of time don’t you think the people would become their own teacher, satisfying the demand? Why is it what we demand and create becomes more demand to create and corrupt?

How is this realistic to chase something you never can catch, like your tail? Why do we continue to create more and more tails to chase and call this an accomplishment? False advertising is illegal and that’s what we’re doing when we portray ourselves as one person when we are another.

Everybody wants to be recognized as being good at what they do. The problem arises when that good is for selfish reasons. Gone unchecked hypocrites will breed more hypocrites. Good people gone without recognition opens the door to even more hypocrites. 

Therefore, it is most important you learn how and recognize good. Good people are who we strive to be and the kind of product and service we desire to have? Good people do good not matter how dire the circumstance or tempting the situation. That’s how we get value in life, otherwise there’s no reason to live.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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