Be Still

Do more, Have more, Be more, Read more.

Letting go does not mean let go and fall in the water. It means "letting go of animosity and anxiety", while you hold fast to your intended course. Most comes in the form of labels.

After you have eliminated all the junk from your life, it is time to mentally and spiritually let go of it all.

Like cleaning your auto, now how do you feel? Did you clean it to look good or did you clean it because it was needed? If the answer is "looking good", you might want to let go, because that may bring on the wrong kind of attitude or mentality - more anxiety.


If we hold still long enough, we begin to feel what we really feel and know what we really know -— which is a prospect so terrifying some people bolt rather than face it.

If you can do this, labels will start peeling away like onion skins. Your anxieties and neuroses will come yammering out of the walls. You'll find your mental demons have less staying power than you thought.

Eventually you will begin to sense a very deep self that defies all labels and a calm soul. Discover, find or learn your own way to let go.

Let go and let God. It is never too late. Let go of labels and give life! A clean conscious, heart and mind, you can operate more effective and efficient.

Step 2 of 4 to Letting go!

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