The Experiencer

Become the experiencer, not the experience!

Each event leads to greater understanding and one experience prepares me for another.

All great wisdom and traditions point to the knowledge that the essence of our true selves is not any fixed label but the capacity to experience life.

Experience is the best teacher, but you do not need to experience everything to learn. There are some lessons that are better learned from "the experiencer" and we all are experiencers. That is the objective, to bring all the expericers together, so we can take full advantage of the experience of life. Relationships?

Through life you may have given yourself some labels but it is time to correct that. Go back to the first sentence of this article, remembering the label you gave yourself. Now repeat it, but instead of saying "I am a big fat loser" or "I am a powerful executive," say "I am one who calls myself a big fat loser" or "I am one who calls myself a powerful executive."

This wording may feel a bit awkward, but

1) it happens to be true, and

2) it helps you detach from both negative and positive labels.

I steer clear of labels because labels bring on false expectations. We know the only person on which we can depend, all the rest falls some where between grace and mercy. You never know which one is going to save you. That is the beauty of this lesson.

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