Life Journey, Who knows the way?

Who's depending on who and why?

Knowing you are still "trying to figure shit out", why should I listen to your stupid ass?

Is the slave dependent upon the master or is the master dependent upon the slave? Who got who and for what purposes? 

Most have been trained to say we both need each other, by here you can plainly see who is actually dependent upon the other and thereby, take a different attitude about the whole of what's going on today.

What is your destination and how do you get there, which direction? Who nannied who? Who nannied their children? Who nannied who to be superior? Who nannied who to be inferior?

There are those of us who know and those who do not know, which are you and how do you know?

If you know you do not know why are you perpetrating, why don’t you just say you do not know so someone who does know may lead us to prosperity instead of demise? While nannying their children, what did you teach them?

Today, we’re so inundated by the temptations of the ungrateful children our ancestors nannied, we do not know real life from phony life. Is it real to be able to have a car and for what purposes do you use it? Do you justify that because you are too sophisticated to deny being tempted by someone else’s bullshit? Are you that excited to ride rather than walk? Do you see yourself as being able to go further faster or to spend better quality time with your family, your community…? Money rules us and we’ve allowed our own selfish greed to lead us deeper and deeper into “their land of temptation” instead of along the journey set by life.

What appreciation are you due for doing a great job at nannying? Are you deserving? There is a distinct difference between nannying and supervising, and which is the most influential? Now, that the person nannied has become a great success, how does the now nannied supervisor turn around and instruct the nanny about what he has already been taught?

Now, we’re so loaded down with temptation, we cannot afford to even take a look at the map of life to see where we’re supposed to go. The devastating part of all of this is these people are leading the rest of us astray.

Who nannied their children? Who is the only person qualified to instruct on what was nannied? While you were nannying, their parents was teaching superior. Being you weren't included made you feel and taught you to think you are inferior. Being inferior caused you to desire what they had/have. Hence, you denied yourself in order to get the green grass on the other side, to feel equal. That is the journey of life you are being tempted to achieve.

Is it the one who has already been successful or is it the one who never did it, but is now instructing you?

(((your inner

your life journey belongs to you The proper tools

The Gray Black Bitch

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!